Sunday, September 9, 2012

Prolonging his agony

Remarkable scene from J. Tesker, who has kindly sent me her latest work for this blog

Don't you love these women expressions? 
They keep silent and don't exactly look in a hurry to shorten his agony... with his confused mumbling, things are going from bad to worse for this unfortunate boy, I'm afraid : /


  1. hello alex .. at first many thanks for your great work , all is very fine art :)
    but this sepia art here is awsome !! realy so
    greatful , i just love it , so much thanks for this stunning piece :) :) :)

    1. : ) Thank you very much Alina, glad you are still following my work over the years...
      Yes this piece is very embarrassing, J. Tesker really has her place here.

  2. Yes. Ridicule. Disgust. Condemnation. Command. Very, very exciting.

  3. Another awesome piece by J. Tesker. I love the eroticised authority of these women in their domestic context, and the shame and humiliation of the young man's predicament.

  4. Great artwork. So many thoughts spring to mind by looking at each of the faces.. my favorite is the woman on the right, smiling that she is happy she is going to see this young man's bottom being spanked...
    thanks for sharing
    bottoms up

  5. Lovely art. Beautiful women. I don't see contempt in their expressions. Contempt is for vanilla relationships, where it's lethal. I see the hauteur and condescension of Dominas, who (properly) think males are inherently inferior, and need strict Discipline. All such women are beautiful.

    Young man's erection is the artist's cunning sign of his gender status. The instinctive male tribute to his betters. Bravo.

  6. I *do* love these expressions. So disdainful of us :)

  7. So right about these expressions!
    Another Sara :)

  8. I would love to repost this. It has all the right elements.
    May I ?

  9. I like the look of smugness on the face of the woman to the far right

  10. Thats what he gets for not doing his sister's laundry and cleaning their rooms and making their beds,like he is supposed to do.

  11. it is not always a humiliation for the boy it could also be fun for the boy, I remember when we were young (true story) I am a boy and I had 3 elder sisters and since it was late 1970s and there was no internet and we grew up in a strict religious community including our own parents, and we also lived in a distant farmhouse and so we didn't have neighbourhood children like others and "played" with them, and we didn't have sexual education, so for my sisters the only chance to see a penis was mine so there were times when my sisters used to expose my penis, I ALSO ENJOYED IT, SINCE their eyes focused on my wini (my penis) it always erected when they exposed it, they also touched it and played with it especially in the bathroom and when it was their turn to use the bathroom thanks to them I also saw my first pussies and tits which were those of my sisters, and growing up with them I had an advantage that I learned many things about girls that when I came to play with my first girlfriends later on I already knew a lot and how they liked it, just when at 16 I touched the first girlfriend after my sisters and I knew that I had to start by very gently playing with her nipples, something that I learned from my sisters, from my sisters I also learned what is a clit, grabbed my first tits, etc, it seems that it was my sexual education since we didn't have it those days, any way, it seemed that we enjoyed it, since there was not so much forms of entertainment those days, now they are considered as childhood foolish games at least from my side.

  12. During my young age I was taking care by a governess, a chambermaid, cooking lady, a lady teacher, and my bitch stepmother. Every time something went wrong with me I had to strip in front of these women and paddled by the governess, and she took lots of pleasure. Every day during lunch was served to either broccoli, spinach or cauliflower which none of them I liked. Every time my plate wasn’t mopped stripping and paddling. All of you can imagine 11 years of this situation.
    Nowadays I interchange my role with my wife continuously once she is my governess and once I’m her tormentor. At early 60’s my sexual life can’t be any better.
    p.s.: congratulations for this website I showed to my wife and she is enthusiastic