Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No self-abuse in good families !

" I thought you had a little bit more respect for yourself !! "

Now that I see these 2 pictures together, I see the beginning of something chronological: the next logical step should be the artwork of the punishment which followed later in the evening. Maybe if I have the elements I'll do that third piece and send it to the VIPs. Who doesn't like comic strips? I wish I had the possibility to do one someday. Anyway, I hope you like the early 50s feeling and stern look of the woman in this picture.

As for the pictures I'm going to send by e-mails:
 The one in colour is " 1966, The unforgettable lesson "
Different haircuts, different esthetics, magazines were in colour... I think this era has some charm too : )

The other one is : " Getting the Compulsory Certificate of Virginity " ( CCV - 1 )
" To all the students applying to the Colleges that are listed above, they need to join the CCV to the application form as a proof of good character. Please note that the medical room in the D building will be open for that purpose on Friday 27th only from 9am to 4pm. " 
So better arrive early to avoid too much queue !

As always, nude models are 18 or more, nobody was hurt for real, no hairbrush was damaged or broken for real.

Hope you will like them !

What will be the next update about? Judging by the artworks that are half-done, I guess it could be "retro medical" again, but it's not sure yet.


  1. It looks mother caught son during masturbation. In 50's in this situation boy, sometimes, got spanking

  2. Boys will be boys playing with their toys? Maybe it's not the girl? It's her unmentionables? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I'm not saying that he's has a fancy for dainty things? But?................Priscilla.