Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bitter 1950, shameful 1973 (Medical part 5)

" I don't remember saying you have the choice !! "

 So bitter was year 1950 for this young man. Bittersweet maybe? Sometimes burning memories leave an exciting mark...
But " bittersweet " was the defining word for Barbara O'Toole artworks, so I'll leave this word for the best only

Did you know 1973 national's campaign focused on unmarried men aged between 18 and 30? Someone has to check the intimate parts nobody has seen yet. But it's not easy for all to undress... especially if the nurses are a bit too pretty and the body tells it in its own way !

 " Is it ME again who impresses boys that much ?? "

I'm going to send the 1973 unblurred picture to you VIPs readers.
The 1970s aesthetics is growing on me, maybe you'll see more of that ?


  1. i loved Barbs group "Bittersweet Memories", I was a member for a few years. Love her art and I love yours also. this 1950's picture reminds me of when i was at camp i had an infection from a blister that i had neglected to go to the nurse for. after the infection was up past my knee, i finally went to see her. needless to say, she took me to the hospital where they gave me a prescription for penicillin shots and they were given in the bottom. every night for a week i had to report to her for another shot.. the first one i balked at lowering my pants, she did it for me, hauled me over her knee and i pleaded to her to not give me the shot,. she said you won't even feel it and she spanked my bottom once and followed it quickly with the shot. she told me afterwards that each night i would report and could have a spanking and a shot or just the shot. silly me, i chose the spanking and the shot. i still remember being across her knees and the sting of the slap but the shot never hurt at all.. this art work brings back those memories ..

    1. WOW, yes, then many pediatric nurses had tradition to give light slap on the children' bare bottom before or after shot. In 5os-60s almost all children were spanked by parents (at least it happened often enough) and the joke was understand for everyone.

  2. In the eight grade (I am now and adult) my exam was with my whole football team, and the doctor did not have enough time for a one on one with all so, she asked all of the males to strip down totally nude, and there were doctor and 2 young nurses who walked around and did everything for the exam.

  3. My little fantasy when I look at the picture

    Tommy’s wife had called to him, telling him to get up or he’d be late for work…….God, he acts like a little kid anymore, she thought……

    When he didn’t appear to be moving about, two minutes later she stormed into the room and as the door opened, he quickly grabbed a pillow covering his front….
    Constance strode right over to him and snatched the pillow away from him only to see he had an erection and had been masturbating……

    She stepped closer and slapped him across the face a couple of times…..when are you going to grow up and quit acting like a little boy, playing with your penis……..I told you, you were not allowed and now you’re disobeying me again…..

    Well if you are going to act like a little boy, I’m going to punish you like one…..then she drug him by his penis to the bed and pulled him over her lap…..embarrassed and intimidated he didn’t offer any resistance……

    You’re getting a spanking for your juvenile antics… he tried to get up but she still had a good hold on his penis and had placed her one leg over the backs of his thighs, rendering somewhat immobile……
    I’m an adult man and you are not going to spank me he shouted…..

    I don't remember saying you have the choice !! You lost that right when you disobeyed me and masturbated……..

    Then, taking the hairbrush from the bedside table she began to blister his bottom, explaining to him she would locking his penis in a chastity cage and would control his releases in the future…….

    1. You elude the hospital setting, but it is for good : )
      Good idea that she just snatched the pillow he was hidding with!

  4. In 50s be naked for medical exam was usual think for boys and young men. Their modesty wasn't big deal then for doctors, nurses, and parents. My Grandma told me both her sons (my uncles) had medical exam in her presence until their 18, when she left home. Always completely naked.

  5. Hello Alex, Some years ago my Grand-mere told me of my fathers experience when in the late 1950's his mother insisted that after national service, she was re-introducing Maternal discipline ,although he was now 20! This included a medical examination.
    He loudly protested ,especially when he learnt they now had a female doctor. He argued too much and found himself being put across her knees for a sound spanking with her hairbrush on his bare bottom and thighs! He might have been 20 but he was soon crying out loudly and starting to blub!
    Next day she took him to the doctor and helped her nurse undress him ,immediatly causing him embarrassment as his still very red bottom was revealed to all the staff, to say nothing of his erection ! He underwent a very thorough exam including some invasive poking about!
    A very chastened young man emerged with his mother , the giggles of staff following him into the street!

    1. Mmm, a bit hard to believe! But that's the kind of fantaisies these pages are made of : )

  6. to Alex,
    it could be in reality. Then many doctors did exam teens and young men naked. Mother's presence in exam room was natural thing. Spankings (even for teens!) were part of life in numerous families. It was so.

  7. I remember 50 and 60 very well. Spanked at home , school and yes at the dr office. Also mouth soaped quit a few times.

  8. O.k sweetie, now that you have taken off your pajamas for me I want you to lay face down on the pillow once I position it on the bed. Lay down so that your backside is raised in the air by the pillow. I know it may be a little embarrassing for you, but I'm going to take your temperature rectally. Once I'm done, the doctor will be in so she can check you back there.