Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Forced regression kills rebellion !! - Part 2

" Now in 1955, youngsters have no idea what respect is. Where does this damned rebellion come from? This evil Rock n'Roll music maybe? So we have given our trusted Governess full latitude to punish when necessary. Scolding, hairbrush spanking, embarrassment... what she does in the mansion upstairs with our nineteen-years-old kid is not our business, as long as he comes down with a much better attitude !! "

Since I was in the 1950s retro mood (again), it comes with a bonus of the same kind for the fans of this Blog, check your mailbox :

Next update... is done aldready!  But I'm not posting everything at once, I prefer to give you a few days to enjoy and appreciate these 2 pics, it took time to make them...
So in next update, women are in trouble... it's only justice after all


  1. Is it first time for him?

  2. She is certainly enjoying this. I bet he isn't.

  3. The VIP pic is one of my favorites. I can so vividly remember the feelings of shame, disgrace and intense embarrassment as I stood in front of my own hairbrush-holding mother, waiting to go over her lap. The one serious difference, in my case though, was that I wasn't allowed to use my hands to cover up my bare boy parts while I listened to my pre-spanking lecture. Mom made no concessions to my teenage modesty at such unhappy times.

  4. I see London? I see France? I see some guy shaved balls in his underpants? Talking about taming of the shrew? " check please"? Becky.