Saturday, March 30, 2013

Manor House

" The noise may echo much in the corridors of this old manor house, I hope the rest of the staff doesn't mind ? "

It comes with the bonus " Las hermanitas " for the fans of this Blog : )




  1. I love the grin on the other girl's face. Most bad girls seem to find spankings hilarious when it's someone else's bottom in danger.

    1. I chose her among dozens of other maids indeed, because she has something evilish. I'm always amazed how hard and pervy women can be between each other (by contrast with boys it often ends with a silly brawl, it's more straightforward)

  2. The head of the household be he the master, or the butler, should take down the knicker's of both of these naughty maids and cane them on their bare bottoms. Yes, a dozen strokes of this pliable, swishy, painful, spanking implement would be most appropriate.