Friday, March 1, 2013

New pics : regression / school 1956 / aerobic !

1) It's risky to play the obnoxious teen, especially when his elegant Mom has spotted a " changing facilities " sign on the motorway rest area !!

2) School archives declassified: you know you can always find a few gems in a pile of old pictures

3) I was impressed by some over muscular women recently, it lead to this fantasy. 
I'm not totally satisfied with the picture technically: the skin tones, the shadows... I didn't feel to work on this one extra hours like for "Wicked Angel" for example. But I think you'll get the idea, and it's hot nonetheless : )

Next update: not sure yet about the whole theme, but it looks like there will be a new episode of " Waiting for her turn " in the lot !
Have a nice week-end everybody


  1. The black and white 60's photo looks like it was from a documentary about the Deep South. Due to Jim Crow laws Black people were subjected to extra hurdles in order to vote. These bespectacled racists are making him go through some unusual hoop sin order to register to vote.

    Like be spanked as he has to keep hard whilst reciting a poem and passage from a book word for word .


  2. I love the artwork about the lesbian humiliating the young man!

    I love the photo of Xena in the background.That was a nice touch

    I love the idea of a young man being defeated by a lesbian in either a physical or intellectual contest. As his own wife/girlfriend cheers for the lesbian.With the man losing a wager and having to be the lesbian's slave

    And with the lesbian impressing his wife/girlfriend by ordering him around.And slowly seducing his wife/girlfriend as he helplessly watches.

    The final humiliation for him would be for the lesbian to strip him naked in front of his wife/girlfriend and her female friends in a ceremony.And then "Cage" him with a chastity device as his wife/girlfriend and the other women applaud and cheer. And then the lesbian having him kneel and kiss her feet as she kisses his wife/girlfriend

    With the young man then having to serve as a naked slave boy to the lesbian And serve her drinks and snacks and do her housework as she cuddles on the couch with his [former] wife/girlfriend

    Im guessing that more than a few lesbians would love to "Conquer" a man and "emasculate" him by "Caging " him. and then steal his cute girlfriend/wife from him

    I hope that someday you do more artwork with the them e of a lesbian "conquering" and enslaving and humiliating a young man

    1. I actually remember 2 lesbians being mad at me because they thought I was dating a girl they had a crush on (I was not dating her, it was just a very close friend). I could saw them mumbling some bad things about me, it didn't turn to a fight, but maybe it inspired this picture somehow?
      Glad you like it!