Thursday, June 6, 2013

Public spankings ( Summer edition )

1) This first picture at beach : " Nineteen years old boy unable to say No " is inspired by a real event I often come back to, which is partly the reason of this Blog. 
The souvenir of a smart but shy guy I knew from Uni, who I had bumped into in a shop, her classy Mom was trying clothes and toying with him like a child, he was totally embarrassed but couldn't dare to say "no" apparently. It explained a lot of things afterward when I saw him at the Uni "Night Bal" at the end of the year. 
A kiss, a few words could work like a stroke of a magic wand, and he would feel entitled to say "No". I think very little random things can have huge impact on our lives, and a few words can really make a difference. But for my mate at Uni, or this guy pictured at the beach, it didn't happen. Life is cruel and doesn't wait, let's move on!

2) Second picture " In a hurry to leave "  is not a spanking (so forgive the title of this post, but I had to make it simple). It's just me a few years ago. I feel the raw nudity of women at beach is kind of shocking at first glance. Maybe you are so used to it you don't feel it anymore. Maybe if I was living at Caverns time I wouldn't make such a fuss. Anyway. This gentleman can't cope and is betrayed by his speedo swimsuit, he is walking faster to get away, but you when you are walking fast, you only get more attention : /

3) " Price for inappropriate curiosity " :  Technically, it's the best one I think.  " Nineteen years old boy unable to say No " is a great picture, but the difference between a 'great' picture and an 'almost perfect one' is a few hours of working on skin tones and light, and generally I prefer to work on new pics rather than spend a week on a specific one. I really wanted a pool lifeguard looking mad at this boy. He was gazing at the beautiful girls, swimming under water thinking he would get unnoticed... But the worst happened. As the pool lifeguard says: " it's not a peep-show, it's a place to swim ! ". (Sorry this picture is not public, but some people gave to boost this place a bit (thank you!), so I feel I must always reward them)

Again, all naked models are eighteen or more (and this is also why they look so pathetic, eh). I'm still working on the cruelty of some women on men on wheelchairs. I have also one picture finished of a teen boy caught by his Mom with a " MILF " magazine. And some people urge me to go back to the medical retro field... so we'll see, maybe I'll release a batch with different things.

Anyway, hope you'll enjoy these ones !



  1. The worse public spanking was not public in many saw, but spending the night with an older lady friend and told not to come to the kitchen naked, her friend might be there, and I would not like the outcome. I came in naked not knowing if she would be there or not, she was, and unlike my older lady friend, I got a sound spanking from her, and one I will not forget.

  2. Thanks Alex for the wonderful pictures. My favorite is the public swimming pool creation. The look on the stern lifeguard who is not even looking at the naughty boy is priceless. So to is the reaction of the two bikini clad girls getting a real thrill. I'm sure they will be talking about it for the rest of the day. Lucky the boy didn't get caught positioning his penis in front of the under pool water jet to satisfy himself while gazing at the pretty girls....

  3. The boy on beach is lucky. Mother bared for spanking his bottom only but penis is covered. Usually boys in this age don't like if anyone (especially girls) see their penises but bare bottom only isn't such embarrassing.

  4. I can recognize myself with the boy at picture no. 2. Similar incidents have happen to me too. Wet swimming trunks don’t help much to cover a hard penis.

  5. I don't really remember most of my spankings, but my mom had like this metal spatula rod thing that she would call "her friend" and had it in her bag. I remember a spanking though which was probably my worse. I was about 15 then, we were on the beach and I did something really wrong, but as she threated spanking me I would laugh at her and nudge her on saying things like "is that really the best you've got?" to show her she couldn't hurt me. And when she was done I turned to her and asked "Don't you think I'm a little to old fore this now?". I was a cocky little shit, but I could't sit down for like five days and my bottom was bruised for like a week and a half. I totally deserved it though.

  6. Alex, This picture brings back a great memory for me. I was about 14 and my family joined my aunt and her family for a week on long Island sound. My cousin Ricky was about 12 and was told to get out of the water by my Aunt. After ignoring her she got very angry and pulled him out of the water by his ear. She than pulled his swim trunks down exposing his lilly white heinie and proceeded to quickly apply about a dozen sharp spanks to his quivering bottom. I found out later that Auntie finished the job once she got him back to their bungalow. It was over in a flash but very exciting for me though I did feel bad for little Ricky.
    Thanks, Sally Anne

  7. Thank you for the comments everyone
    So many bitter things happen during the supposed shinny happy days

  8. Dear Sally, That is a great story about your cousin Ricky. But that is what happens when you don't obey your Aunt. I bet being only 14, that must have really made your day. Especially that I'm sure he had to spend the rest of the day in bed. That is what always happened to me when I misbehaved, which was the worst of all, hearing all the girls having fun outside my bedroom window. I was wondering if you saw his penis when he was spanked, and if you teased him about it later. Tommy

  9. I love the idea of a "clothed female/naked male beach". Where the clothed and bikini clad women can order their naked boyfriends,husbands,brothers, fathers,ect around. And where the women can relax while thier naked male husbands,brothers,ect fetch them drinks and snacks and do all of the cleaning and cooking around the beach house

  10. Dear Tommy , I haven't visited this wonderful site in a while but I would like to respond to your comments. I don't remember if I saw his penis or not because everything happened so quickly. I do remember however how quickly his fanny turned a bright pink. I did not make fun of him because he already was very embarrassed and I really felt sorry for him especially when my mom told me that my Aunt finished the job when she got him back to the house.
    My mom and my Aunt were both spankers but my spankings were always given in the privacy of my mom's bedroom. The quick spanking that little Ricky got that day is still etched in my mind and I will always remember his lilly white bottom turning pink in a matter of less than a minute. I have always wondered what his fanny must have looked like after his mom finished the job, probably with a hair brush since that is what my mom and Aunt usually used.
    Hope this addressed your points and sorry it took so long to get back.
    Always, Sally Anne

  11. Another masterpiece! The boy was secretly attracted to the girl with the blue costume, but now he has no more chances with her... What do you think, Alex? ;)