Friday, June 21, 2013

The FOUR QUEENS + Retro medical part 7

" The Four Queens ".
It took many hours to do this picture, but I'm quite proud of it. Do you remember this similar Picture I did? It had some success, but now, can't you tell I've made some progress since 2011? Please?
I started writing the story I had in mind under this picture... and decided to leave it to your imagination. I know some of you told me my text is really a great added value (thank you), but I think this one is nice as it is.

For the lucky VIPs, I've added 2 bonus for your collection :

- So the 2d picture may be already familiar for those who are into the " Clothed Females Naked Males " genre. But I wanted to improve the original picture and add a character. It's called " Sorry but nudity is not negotiable ".
- The 3d picture... ha! It took me much longer than I thought to achieve it. It's called " BIG one versus SMALL one "... I think the title is clear enough? (for the record, I don't have theories on the subject, it was just fun to make something about it).
It's all unblurred in your mailbox once I've finished typing this Blog entry.

Hard to tell what the next update will be about... I also have a picture done about a girl caught by her mates getting a lot of pleasure alone (why always boys in this Blog? Statistically this akward situation happens to girls too!), it's a sweet picture I think, not hardcore. I also have a poor guy dominated in a farm... plus the others I mentioned in the last entries. But I prefer the bunch to be about a specific theme (like this one is retro). We'll see.




  1. An older lady I knew for along time was really a 1950's lady, old school, to the point. I remember one time I messed up really big and it was the last straw. It was during summer and I was coming back from the apartment pool and Joyce seeing asked if I had a minute, which I did. I was no sooner in her apartment that she took a firm grip on my arm and I was soon over her lap, my bathing suit was quickly pulled down and off. She scolded me and told why I was about to be spanked. This spanking was hard, my bottom was wet and it lasted along time.
    I stood in the corner crying, and to my shame a couple of her friends dropped by. I said nothing and just stood there, the ladies only mentioned to Joyce that he must have been very naughty and Joyce said very much so. So it might have been fun for the ladies but not for me.

  2. WOW, young man in kitchen isn't naked. His genitals are covered and bottom crack is covered too. No big deal!

  3. Tell that to my husband, he too was in the same position, a girl friend of mine was visiting at the time. She told him he looked cute with his red bottom on display. He said nothing.
    When she left he told me he would not want to be in that position again. I told him he best learn to behave.

  4. How old is your husband?

    1. 28, I'm 32, he acts like a child sometimes and so this was not his first spanking, but the first time someone other than myself has seen after a spanking.

    2. Dear, you are right completely. If young man has childish behavior, he deserves childish punishment. My husband is two years younger me and he is 23 now. When he do something really bad - it happens sometimes - I never hesistate to spank his bare behind. Sometimes our mothers are witnesses of punishment and they both encourage me to use strict discipline. I do it and Jake's behind is red and sore on average monthly, although, sometimes he gets more often. Our neighbor, 42, can heard Jake's punishment and she considers I do good work. She grow up 18-year-old son and spanks him still too. She offerred me to spank ours young men together and perhaps we would do it next time. I hope it will be good lesson for Jake

  5. You really improved, young man. But I sense that you were enjoying this a bit too much...go take my hairbrush now, and take off those pants first.

  6. I'm 22 now and my future wife (our wedding will be in August) put me over her knee and gave me my very first spanking. We were at my mother and I cursed and sassed them in front of her. Without any warning she took me by the ear drug over to a chair forced me over her lap. Pulling down my pants and briefs she administered the first spanking I had ever received in my life. As Janet started to hand spank me my younger sister handed her a large wooden spatula and Jan blistered me till I was bawling like a child. Mom and my sister thourghly enjoyed the spectacle of me receiving my just dues.
    Since then I have learned to respect mom and sis and Janet has put over both there laps for some very sound spankings. I am sure they won't be my last if I don't behave.

  7. We both, wife and me, are 22 but she is charge in family. She tells I'm kid still and need strict discipline. Spanking is the core tool she uses, mostly with brush or strap. Other punishments are sometimes added to reinforce the lesson taught but they don’t substitute for spanking. Some of these reinforcements are used with almost every spanking. Corner time is an example and so is scolding. Less often she has put me in panties, given me an enema or spanked me in front of a witness ( her younger sister or friend) or used her strap on. Most of these are used if I am being punished for repeat misbehavior or some chronic problem. The strap on is used for challenging her authority and the enema for a bad attitude. The only exception is that she sometimes uses corner time alone but not very often and more as a warning. - Teddy

  8. When i married my wife she was 15 and i was 17. i got her preg and after the wedding, we lived with her parents and younger sister (12). a week or so after i moved in, my mother in law told me take out the garbage and clean up the kitchen. I was watching tv and told that it wasnt my job. she was a big woman and her husband was even bigger. he came over to the couch and pulled me up, stripped my clothes off and put me over his lap. i had never been spanked before and i felt really helpless as his wife, my wife and her younger sister watched him spank me. in just a few minutes i was crying. he pushed me up and my mother in law took my arm and sat on the couch, pulling me over her lap. she gave me a good hand spanking an told me to get in the kitchen and get it cleaned up. i wasnt allowed to get dressed but i didnt argue with her again and did as told while we lived there. she spanked about once or twice a week for the 2 years we lived there. sometimes she let my wife do it other times only she spanked me.

  9. My wife is a real strict . She is 23 and I'm 21. After coming from work , I have to do all the chores. If she is not satisfied (and that is more often than not) , she punishes me naked ... like standing me naked in centre of room, or naked kneel down, whipping on naked ass, naked murga etc. After ~1 year of marriege my mother-in-law shifted to my house. I thought that I will not get punished any more. But I was wrong. She too joined in with my wife. I still remember the first day I was exposed to my mother-in-law. ---- my wife tied me naked with a window in my room n went out keeping the door open. I was terrified. After some time mother-in-law entered in my room n started laughing. I was dying in shame. She laughed n humiliated my tool saying how little I am.Then my wife entered and said that from now on I will have to serve her as well, otherwise I will be punished very heavily. From then on I am slave to both of them. Mother-in-law's (MIL) favourite is to make me naked murga and make me look at her eyes and she would lecture me about how to be a good husband. All the time she would wear a naughty smile. Then she would make me say humiliating words like.... "I have done wrong and so I am punished naked by my wife and MIL. I will not do this again" ...etc .for long time loudly (from 15~30mins). Ocassinaly they would whip my naked ass n I have to count them.

  10. I love the top photo of the man only wearing an apron! I love the idea of women enslaving their husbands and turning their macho husbands into obedient houseboys. I love how he i s meekly washing dishes in the background.While the women are happily talking amongst themselves . Ignoring him and taking his nakedness and subservience for granted

    Maybe when the Wife's Son turns 18, she can have a ceremony in front of the neighborhood women and girls.Where the Son is stripped naked to female applause and cheers. And then has to serve food and drinks as a naked servant boy. And silently and meekly submit to the neighborhood women slapping his but and fondling his naked body [especially his penis and balls]

    Than the next time that the wife's female friends come over, the naked son can serve the ladies alongside his naked father. While his Mother's friends and his sister order him and the father around

  11. I love these pics! The young men are kept naked, and the women have their clothes on and looking pretty as ever! ( priceless) it's about time? Now they're the "sex objects" for a change? Kaley C.