Friday, December 29, 2017

Back to forbidden pictures ; )

Just to let you know that I'm finishing my next update: matriarchy, spanking, the guiltiness of owning pictures of naked or half naked Ladies... I'm back to my old demons, again!
Something I have already discussed when I mentioned my old lingerie catalogues  , my dangerous past as a teen  or pictured many times in an old fashioned way like there for example.

I'm surprised how long it takes me from one update to another. One reason is that I have a precise idea of the next-door classy mothers / aunts I want, and Internet is not the endless magical hat you may think it is, people keep sharing the same material as each other and you have to dig deep for something you truly want.

Anyway, above is a glimpse of the corners of two of the three very large pictures almost finished. One will be public I think. 
Until then, you can always check the Barb pictures below this entry! ; )
Have a nice end of 2017,
Talk to you very soon : )



  1. Hey, Alex!
    You finally did it - wow! I'm so lucky about that BP gimmick, you know! I can't expect to view it completely. Unfortunaltely, I'm low at cash right now, but I will come up as a VIP member and donate something for you and your absolutely gorgeous work.
    Thanks for the BP pic so much!
    Have a good start into next year.
    Greetings from snowy Germany

    1. That BP follow-up has always been in my mind : ) Look like I eventually do most of the things I plan after all, it's just a matter of time! We can't get enough of the tourment of these young boys, do we? ; )
      It doesn't snow all years where I live, enjoy it!

  2. hopefully with lots of taunting witnesses ;-0

    1. No witnesses as for 2 pictures...
      But one pic has 2 indeed ; )

  3. Bonsoir Alex,

    Voilà ce qui s'appelle terminer l'année en beauté !
    Rires. Ah, les bonnes vieilles photos de jeunes femmes en lingerie. Une approche "soft" pour nos mamans et nos Tantes de la découverte des femmes dans notre adolescence. Et gare à nous si elles trouvaient des revues plus dénudées ! C'était pour certain d'entre nous la fessée assurée. Du style :
    - Tu es encore trop jeune pour regarder les filles
    toutes nues ! Tu m'entends ? Tu m'as désobéi !
    - Mais, Maman...
    - Vilain garçon qui désobéit à sa mère ! Et pan ...
    Bon WE de Nouvel An. Charles.

    1. Exactement!! Le retour des bonnes vieilles valeurs!
      Bonne année 1958, pardon, 2018! : )

  4. I as most ladies am looking for CFNM sites. How about making this a CFNM site? One that caters to women? Females are may be most of your subscribers or viewers. We're 52% of the population and we pay for CFNM. Do you h ave any for us?

    1. I like CFNM a lot! But I have also other interests and I don't want to be limited to something specific : )

      Meanwhile, this teaser dates back from more than a week, I REALLY should finish the new pictures! Sorry for the delay...

  5. "I like CFNM a lot!" the vast vast majority of your fans are cfnm craving women. we love cfnm. any cfnm pleases the bulk of your viewers Alex. do you know ladies do rule?