Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A bit of sociology...

I've read about the current situation in Greece, Spain and Italy, it inspired me this picture. Apparently in these countries it's always been common that children stay at their parent's house until they get married. Sadly the current economic situation has made the situation even worse. After their long studies most people still can't afford to leave their Mother. It was interesting to read testimonies of boys and girls in their 20s complaining about the total lack of independance and infantilism they sometimes suffer. 
Your comments are always welcome : )


  1. I'm from South-Eastern Europe where old family values are still alive.where the figure of the mother (the oldest woman in the house) has always been a center for house.Indeed, her influence is felt after the young man marries, even if he divorce home (though often this not happens)
    They (we) always remain mommy's boys and need a matriarchal control ;-)
    Please-more collages on this topic !

  2. This is a luscious picture! The woman is perfect: so naturally and happily in control of her young charge. She has all day to touch up that lovely ass. And just look at him, such a naughty boy, knowing as he does that she is in charge. A perfect world.

  3. gtsgryphon : thank you for the input. I know the power of the Latin mother on her household. She can use her wooden spoon to taste the pasta, and for other purposes. I'll keep portraying her of course : )

    katlyn: exactly what I had in mind! But my English is broken and you said it so well : )

  4. She's just basking in the glow of having won this latest battle of wills.

    They'll be doing things her way and she doesn't care who knows about their recent discussion. She might even be looking to talk about it some...

  5. Alex, sweetie:
    You have nothing to worry about. Your art speaks eloquently of your deep understanding and appreciation of the mother's inner world.

  6. What a gorgeous Mom. And how humiliating for her son to be getting a naked spanking from her.

  7. Hi Alex. I just discovered your blog. I enjoy all your art. I just wanted to let you know that this one is my absolute favorite so far. Thanks!

  8. Thank you for letting me know Haywood.
    I posted this one on a forum last year and it didn't get answers, so I wasn't sure if the picture was well spot on. Now thanks to this new blog I know it makes sense for many people : )