Friday, August 26, 2011

One word from Dr Laroche-Sternier

             Self-abuse doesn’t only happen in bad families. I know very good parents who discovered their teenagers were concerned with alcohol and shoplifting, and it’s the same with masturbation. It doesn’t always happen to the others ! The evil may be hidding somewhere in your house already.

- The self-
abuse is the prime cause of various sexual disorders and it is one of the earliest abuses when a boy engages himself in this evil act.
- Secondly it would be hard to conceive of anyone masturbating and not lusting in their heart, they are also abusers of self and I believe this act is sexual immorality.

Masturbation also has serious consequences since it drains the young men of his vital forces and in many case it causes impotency, if it is over-indulged. Therefore, parents are advised to keep a watch on their unmarried sons against all possible factors which can tempt them to masturbate :

a ) Companionship with ladies wearing immodest clothing, low class families and bad educated people
b ) Watching sexual and love scenes on T. V., at cinemas
           c ) Reading of amorous literature, novels, etc.

There are various ways to prevent and punish self-abuse, I take this opportunity to salute this " blog " which lists different possibilities for the sake of morality and good education.

 Yours faithfully,                         

                                                                       Dr. Eleonore Laroche-Sternier


  1. Well, it should be true anyway

  2. Da chastity belt used on thy lad! With thee and glee? Thou must take if too thee streets? On thy note, I'm out! "lady ( still) in waiting?

  3. Hello, other Ladies and Gentlemen
    I m Martina from Germany and now I`ve found your nice education site.
    I`ve two sons 12 and 14 years old and so much problems in this age.
    The greatest problem is the exzessive masturbation of both.
    But at my older boy it`s more very worst.
    He masturbate 5-7 times per day!
    He is very nerves and less the schoolwork.
    Also very disobey and dirty.

    I`ve pleased a friend to advices. She is a medical and ask to me: Last year I leave circumcised my boy with 14.
    First reason was the exzessive masturbation in puberty and the second reason the hygiene.
    She means a colleague from her made excellent job.
    His opinion it´s should be time of circumcision for every boy short after start the puberty.
    You can reach the best educational effect, stop the masturbation.
    Even important are very short clean hair on head, right boy clothes, enemas and spanking to bare bottom, if the boys are disobey.
    I know her son and he is so clean and very sweet with his haircut.
    A little very obey and polite gentlemen, without the dirty masturbation habit.
    She stopp that habit radical.

    Now, of course I will even leave circumcised my boys. What you think about circumcision of boys for educational effects?

    Sinc. Martina Seehaus