Saturday, August 20, 2011

A respected mother

The good old methods against rebellion are popular again!
A few minutes of severe humiliation ensures months of peace in the household : )

Merci dear Madame for this contribution to this page.  

Dear reader, feel free to send us pictures from your household as well !


  1. I like the "clothed Female Naked Male "[cfnm] aspect of your artwork . I like the idea of a housewife getting sick of doing all of the housework while her adult son and husband sit around. I like the idea of her putting them to work in the kitchen, and stripping them naked so that they will know that the females are boss and that the males are supposed to be subservient to the females

    1. I agree with you about cfnm Diane I like it as well, it shows the disciplinary authority of the Female. I believe a Woman/Mother with a paddle or brush in hand is a beautiful thing. I like it that she takes charge of the discipline in the house. In the picture above it would appear that the Lady and that wooden spoon by her have been applying needed discipline to his bare bottom. More Women like that are needed now days!

  2. I forgot to mention that she seems to have enjoyed giving him the discipline spanking. I also like that in a woman, when a young man needs to be disciplined, she should enjoy giving him the discipline he needs. And the more he cries and hollers and squirms around the more satisfied she should feel knowing that SHE has the control the power and authority to discipline his naughtiness when she feels it is needed. I doubt that she allows him to pull those under shorts up any time soon. He will keep his bottom on display and available to her because she will undoubtly decide to work it over some more, his discipline has just begun.

  3. hi Alex !
    I want to tell you my story
    I am from a small village in the country
    in summer time my mother used to bath me in a large bol outdoor .. when she begins to wash my private parts ( ass & penis ) she takes my pants off then I try to hide my penis with my hand but she deny me to do that and says that I don't have to be shy in front of my mommy because she knows every part in my body .. so with the time I became shameless and I enjoy bathing full naked even in front of other women of the family or her friends that time i was 21 years old ... but when I got the bacalaureat I had to go to finish my studies in Germany and my mother died after that.. so now I miss those moments with my mom .. and I am seeking hardly to find some videos may let me live them again .. I will be thankfully if you can help me in that ...

    your friend E M