Saturday, August 20, 2011


Embarrassing & Fun has just received the " Page of the Year " award from " Family & Values " magazine, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude.


  1. Dear AleX, have been enjoying your work for quite some time now. I just went back through all of your old posts again and upon reaching this first initial one, I am curious to know if there was anything else that pre-dates it. Did you by chance have a different blog or website in the past? How long have you been cropping images, etc? Thanks again for all of the great work. Mattie

    1. Hello Mattie,
      Nope, this first stone was the beginning of it all. I was posting a few pictures on forum, and felt it was time to create a place to feel cosy.
      I appreciate that you want back through my old posts, I feel some nice artworks are forgotten. The more I create new pictures, the more the old ones go down. But back in 2011 I can see how I have improved technically since then! Maybe a few other pictures are better to be left where they are!
      Anyway, new update later today :)