Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How much does a wasp sting hurt?


  1. A wasp sting stings alot for a couple of minutes than it goes away, of course. A paddle stings for qute a bit longer. It appears that there are a total of two bad boys in the room, and she looks like she can handle both very well.

  2. Beautiful picture, so realistic. She looks like a Teacher I had one time, my bottom was on the business end of her paddle more than once ;(

    Keep up the good work, I love your site.

  3. Hi Alex,This picture captures the essence of the Nanny in action! I think she must be their head Nanny ,looking every inch a woman to be feared by her charges!
    She takes no nonsense from them-witness their revealing state of undress! The one young man in the corner on his knees-how uncomfortable- already dealt with and the other contemplating his sound whacking with her large hairbrush !
    Her first visit will long be remembered by these two ,who will also dread the next time she comes!

  4. Thanks Diane, your comment is a proof my image is clear enough. I put many elements in it and I sometimes wonder if the story is the same for all. This is how I see it as well, I guess they will be very polite next time she comes indeed! ; )
    Unfortunately it will the only image of the kind. It's the only picture I have of this woman (and f.y.i she has nothing to do with spanking)

  5. In her place I would be keeping an eye on the lad's willie, any 'misbehaviour' in that direction would be dealt with by a sharp smack from my brush.

  6. Alex,
    Well done! I think the WASP could venture out and open up francises. She does indeed look most effective, such that after her initial visit, future bad behavior could be halted intantly with the phrase: "Looks like its time to call the WASP again!" (although, for some...it could have the opposite effect :)

  7. Yes maxrr, the " Wasp Nest " would have many calls and much business I guess : )

  8. As always, your choice of female models for your artwork is wonderful. I love the Soccer mom next door" types that you choose

    1. Exactly. No pro dominas models here, only fresh ones! Thank you Mark : )