Friday, February 3, 2012

Countryside vs City

Let me explain a bit why I wanted to do this one.
Two reasons :

- When I was younger I left the city to live in a big house in the middle of the fields. Once a farmer caught me with my stepbrother while running through the fields. I felt scared, and ashamed because I realised how inconsiderate it was to spoil the cultures.
- There is a morphology consideration as well. I simply wanted to emphasize how much women who passed their 30s and exercice a bit can be stronger than the thin teenagers.
When you are 19 you may run fast, practice soccer or karate and you think you are much stronger than most people. It's a shock when you realise you can't push back a woman who weights twenty kilos more. This is possibly what happened to this boy if he tried to challenge her to run away. A feeling of surprise and sudden vulnerability.


  1. Very nice picture indeed! I too grew up in the country and knew several country Ladies in their 30's, 40's and 50's who could easily handle 18 & 19 year old boys who needed to be disciplined.

  2. And even nowadays, knowing farmfolk, a young man doing something like that could expect a switchin' on his bare butt and might not have much to say about it.

  3. Farm girls are big and very strong. I know I married one(I'm a city boy). On my 50th b'day my wife stripped me in our living room sat down on the couch and hauled me over her knee, shortly after the front door opens and in walks my mother-in-law. I tried getting up to run and hide but my wife was having non of that as she held me in place saying it was too late for that since her mom already saw her giving me my birthday spanking. My mil started laughing and said she too wanted to wish me a happy birthday, and to my shock and humiliation my wife said okay. Before I knew it they switched positions and over her knee I went. It was my most embarrassing spanking to date. Here I was a grown man of 50 getting a hand spanking from my mil and she was able to spank me to tears with just her big strong calloused hand.

  4. Hi Alex, You have highlighted the problem of vandalism and wanton damage to crops in the country side by vandals! You illustrate a formidable farmers wife determined to birch this young man caught in the act!
    This 19 year old is going to get at least a dozen strokes and is starting to undrees for it! I am sure that several other farmers wives are just out of picture ,there to support her and see justice done!
    He will also have to do work on the farm to pay compensation! After his birching he will be put in nappies for the rest of the day ,again in front of all the wives who will share the powdering and application of the cream!!
    How embarrassing for him but so well deserved! Diane

  5. He has the appearance of a nervous young man. And with good reason. She is definitely strong and very fit looking. I'd be nervous too, and probably at full attention, so to speak. Great fantasy.

  6. I would add not only stronger in the physical sense, but also mentally. I know if I am going to have to administer a good sound bare bottom punishment session, well lets just say my resolve of doing it "right" is not the same as a giggling teenager. Its going to be sound punishment.

  7. Christian (49), OsloMay 1, 2012 at 2:34 PM

    What a beautiful picture! It brings back memories - my mother kept a small birch rod like that in the kitchen, and used it on few ocations. This was in Norway late sixties early seventies.

  8. Thank you Christian.
    Bittersweet memories indeed!

  9. One question? Why farmers wife.Surely she is nto an adjunct of the husband.I think we should say she is the farmer as she works on a farm.

    I think the bag behind him need investigating to see he hasn't stolen anything or has drugs or drink.


  10. Agreed, she is THE farmer.
    If she finds something wrong in his bag, she can makes him work for free a few days in her farm, good lesson for these spoiled city teenagers! : )

  11. I love her strong back and arms. I love how the women in your artwork are strong and muscular, without being overly muscular

    1. Indeed, the casting to be in Embarrasing & Fun is very picky !