Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chastity forever ?

How big is the ocean, exactly ?


  1. Hi Alex,I like the eloquent pictures capturing the story! But behind the story is another-that of a woman scorned! He discarded her after two years .Marie found out he was having 'fun' with two younger women, traced them and offered them the holiday, if they placed that Chasity device on his... 'do dah!'
    In desparation the Head of the Dating Ageny
    passed the problem to Head of Baby Sitting Socety! She had an ex Police Woman on staff who had 'access' to criminals who could pick any lock!
    She engaged a woman and they paid a visit to Sergio. The lady 'picklock' was told to take her time ,fiddle with the lock ,draw it out-so embarrassing! This went on and they even had to take him to the loo at one point,before removing the device! Then it was time for a good caning, as punishment for what he did! Diane

  2. Brilliantly inventive.A real salutory lesson to a Mach man.Like how the rascist gets his comeuppance.I think there may well be many more increasingly desperately pleading letters.


  3. Thank you very much.
    I hope their crusade is just starting, much work to do !

  4. i love the chastity ring theme!