Saturday, February 25, 2012

A rebel properly punished !

Boy !! From 20 years old to 2 years old in just a few minutes. I'll tell my friends you have a secret to stay young better than our anti-wrinkle creams ! Or do you mind if I tell them ?


  1. Get those undershorts all the way off now and get over my knee, I am going to take your temperature rectally first, then if your temperature is normal I am going to give your bare bottom a good sound spanking, for lying to me!

    PS. Nice pic Alex!

  2. i love your work. always arousing and fun at the same time. I hope she paddles him good over her knee because he looks like he is going to injoy this just a little too much.

  3. Thank you both of you !
    When I saw this retro model, I thought it would be classic spanking... instead it turned to forced regression (but spanking is always implied indeed!)

  4. I also like your work a lot.
    Amazing how you do this.

  5. I also do some frequent - often daily - spanking of my guy for various offenses. We tape them and offer them up on clips4sale. Not so much for the money, because the reaility is they're so cheap and such a surprisingly small market, that they only cover enough for new toys and dinner out once in awhile. But my guy believes that there is SO little F/m spanking clips out in the world - of a more "maternal" and very real nature, that he truly wants to share his "good fortune" - but not at the expense of SOME built in privacy. If we just posted them out everywhere for all the world to see for free, they could end up in the wrong hands and get posted on YouTube, or something, and he is ultra paranoid about being "outed". People tend not to give stuff away they paid for, even if its just 4 or 5 dollars.

    Anyway, I think the readers HERE would love to see our clips. Even just to know this can be more than fantasy. Costs you nothing to look. ;)


  6. It's fine. You explained it well, I think it fits here : )

    Good maternal spanking. I understand the privacy reasons, but too bad we can't see faces. You know it's possibly the most important part!

    1. Hello Alex, I love this picture you created, it shows us the 20 year old still being cuddled by his Mummy ,as she tells her 'baby' that he is going to get his spanking from her and cousin Francoise!
      However firstly they will give him a bath, embarrassing but not if you are only 2, she will point out!. They will ensure they wash those private places well!
      Then dry and clean they put him across their knees in turn, to spank by hand and hair brush, his pink botty! It only needs his daiper to complete his punishment! Lotion to prolong the stinging bottom ,then Francoise will powder his bits and pieces! She will then give him a cuddle and sing him a little song! Best wishes Diane

    2. That's the spirit Diane! : )
      Actually I'd like to picture the bath part in the future. But I have troubles to find pictures that really fit

  7. I love your work! The ideas are very inventive and I like the way you can use the different parts of the picture to give a giantess effect.

    I love the implied disparity in age as seniority in age often elads to seniority in power.In this pic she may start off swinging her leg nonchalantly but she will soon start intentionally rubbing herlegs over his erection.

    Only noticed the thermometer a little later.A nice touch and shows she has access and the power to touch and invade his body if she wishes.


  8. He's a rebel, he's naked too? He needs to learn a lesson,no boys clothes for you, shirley temple look and outfit screams to me, you be so pretty in your shorty party dress, ruffle panties, lacy tights, Mary janes shoes too? And that famous hair style do on you? Amanda.