Monday, February 20, 2012

A family in Lebanon

I've just recently read some interesting facts about some countries and societies, so I thought I had to put it into picture and update my blog. 
Like if this page could be a little window to what happens in other parts of the world


  1. Another excellent piece, Alex. As someone who grew up in a very traditional household, and then returned home in my 20s, I can totally empathsize with the sentiment. The longing for freedom and rebellion is powerful, but with a red bottom, the feelings of love and contrition are overwhelming. A good session with the hairbrush always reminds me that the rules are there for my own good.

  2. Thank you!
    I don't know where you live. You may think contrition and frustration made you a very special youth, but you would be surprised about the srories I hear from some part of the world. What is only one out of one hundred person where we live, is just the standard rule there. One of my upcoming pictures will be about Egypt.

  3. oh this is so wonderfull alex !! just love it !! :)

    im not realy great with my english ,
    oh btw .. kathrin my real name .. but
    im alina-31 too alex :)

  4. Is there anywhere I could read up on places like these?

  5. je suis d'avis que 400 bonnes claques sur ses fesses nues lui feront le plus grand bien