Thursday, November 22, 2012

A la " Clothed Female Naked Male "

J. Tesker strikes again. Like me she likes to place eighteen years old or more models in the worst situations.

I asked her to describe this picture : " As for the story, I see this as taking place on a dark winter's evening. The young man has been caught stealing (again) and his stern no-nonsense mother did warn him there would be a "Severe punishment" after the last time if he ever took things that weren't his again. Yes the girls are his big sisters and are only too happy to watch their brother's shameful punishment. 'Serves him right' they think. As always feel free to put it on your excellent site. "

On a sidenote, the statistics of this blog say there are one or a few visitors from Mongolia who keep coming here every week. I think it's cool. Weather you are reading this from the suburbs of Ulaanbaatar or from a Yurt plugged with internet, I hope the pictures will warm up a bit your minus 20°C there. Cheers! : )

I'll post my new pics tomorrow : ) , some public, some for my "VIP" readers


  1. Alex, do you mind if I ask where to find the works of J. Tesker and Barbara O'Toole, it seems all of my searches are for naught.

    1. For Barbara, check this:
      J.Tesker doesn't own a site, sometimes she allows me to post here

  2. Just how it used to be in our house when I was younger, sister always watching and a friend of hers or my mums.

  3. I love artwork showing a young man being stripped naked and spanked in front of his clothed sisters. Too bad his Mother didnt strip his Father naked alongside him.That way the Daughters could see for once and for all, which gender should rule the family

  4. She's got him naked, it's very cold outside, I'll put him in his place with makeup on his face, don't end there? How about some girly underwear? Open that box, look what he's got, starting too frown at his sisters hand me downs? Girls grab a hold, here comes da pantyhose? Don't forget it's for a bubble bath, and shave off all his body hair after that! Look girls, you have a baby sister imagine that? Amanda.