Friday, November 23, 2012

The day she cleared up a misunderstanding

Some people are naturally nice and generous with others. But the day they realized they got fooled, some can be symetrically as revengeful as they have been nice before. 
These two nephews will pay the heavy price for abusing their Aunt's kindness !!  
The higher the price of a life lesson, the more likely they are to remember it.


And again my favourite model in this punishment picture. I think it's one of my best graphically, she is contemplating the good job she has done. Don't you think facing mirror should be used more often during corner time? He must face himself half an hour if he doesn't want another round accross her lap. He can't see a "big boy" anymore!

The 3d picture is another OTK in progress. Mom is not asking their front-door neighbor to leave. Not as good as the mirror one graphically but a nice addition to your collection I think. 

It's in your Inbox in a few minutes, let me know if you haven't received them yet.


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