Monday, November 26, 2012

Life starts at 65 !!

The elderly population... finally the time has come to indulge oneself in real fun!!

I've made this picture following a request I received last week: " We love roleplaying so I'm sure some of the pictures from your blog will make delicious opportunities for us in the future.  Ever think of adding in either enemas or strapon play? ".
The picture is far from perfect graphically, but I like it. Nice change and it still fit in the " embarrassing and fun " category isn't it?

Edit : you like this mature genre? Great collection at Sub Boys and Matures Ladies :


  1. Ooh, wish I had ladies like that to garden for when I was a lad. Since you're open to suggestions, mind if I lay a few on you?

    Some kind of cuckolding scenerio would be great, it doesn't necessarily have to be a married couple, it could be a younger couple that's just together.

    Something where a boy painfully fails to get a girlfriend would be darling, maybe you could go so far as to have him run crying to his Mama, who's unfortunately going out tonight so her consolations will have to wait as the babysitter will he here any minute. As the young man begins to pout, already reeling as the humiliations he suffers at home have started extending into his public life. "Don't worry sweety, you'll havr fun." Mama promises, "You even know this one, she's that pretty girl from school you always say you have a crush on, maybe if you show her what a polite young man you are she'll give you a chance? Now come, we must get your diapers on for tonight. Don't give me any fuss young man, you wouldn't want one of us to have to spank you now would you?"

    Perhaps a young lad is subjected to the whims of his mother, her friends, and their daughters during a hit sunmer pool party? One that he's been forced to serve as a waiter for do to some embarrisingly childish infraction.

    Sorry to leave such a long comment, lol But really anything that's spitefully humiliating involving pretty giggling girls is great, the more public the better.

    Any chance of seeing some embarrassed girls in the future as well?

    1. I don't see any of this as a problem, it's just a matter of time. Sweet scenario!! I'll copy the text when I'll have a visual that matches.

      Cuckholding... on this Blog there is this revenge of these foreign escort girls picture. I like this pic a lot, it's justice! I'll do things with couples if I bump into something interesting.

      I have a folder of half-finished embarrassed girls too, and you can find a few on this Blog, but they don't appear as often as boys indeed. I think there will always be more boys than girls in trouble here.

  2. Ok, this is definitely hot, in a weird, creepy sort of way. Not that she's my dream woman, far from it. The idea though, forced to submit to an older woman who wants to fulfill some long deeply buried fantasies. No doubt she is going to take him and take him hard. Might have been even better if she'd reddened his bottom, but that could very well be on her agenda. Only other thing I can add is, more, more!

    1. Thank you very much Marrk for this feedback.
      " weird, creepy " are words that don't offend me. No mainstream porn in these pages !

  3. This is a superb visualisation of a wonderful scenario. What makes it for me is the expression of the Lady. She is so obviously looking forward to "educating" the young man in the error of his ways. The Lady's ensemble is also ravishing, long line brassiere, corselette and nylons. Delicious and perfect for the mature Lady Disciplinarian.

  4. Since this naughty lady likes to give out enemas as a present. I would like to give her a good spanking on her bare bottom. Especially when her naked rear end is sexually and erotically, in a garter-belt and stockings.