Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New artwork by Barbara O'Toole (Country Club Nurse)

I am so, so proud that Barbara O'Toole is a big fan of this Blog and my pictures. 
She is back at work and it is not good news for some shy boys : / I'm allowed to post her new sweet artwork here. Look at the whole composition, at these facial expressions and tell me who can do better on the World Wide Web? My personal answer is : no-one.
(although if you check some links on the right side of this blog, you'll see that "Red Rump" or "Underling" do very, VERY well in a different genre)

What is the exact storyline behind this picture? 
Well, have you say !

ps: I'm not giving Barb's personal e-mail, don't ask : )

ps2: I had some spare time and feel very inspired these days, again it's not good news for shy boys. I guess I'll post new pics on saturday, and the others the following week. As always some public, some private for the happy list of donators


  1. Barbare O'Toole is awesome! And a major inspiration to spanking artists everywhere, especially me. I love her work!!

    So thrilled she has resurfaced! Thanks to her and to you for posting her work!

  2. Hi Alex. Came here excited to check out Barb's new work, and found a plug for mine and RR's - so thank you very much both for hosting the picture and for the compliment!

    And welcome back, Barb. You'll already know what a fan I am, and I'm looking forward to seeing lots more from you.

    Best wishes, A. Keep up the great work :).


  3. SQUEEEEEE! New Barb! I love it! He's adorable, all cute and a little chubby and I just want to molest him horribly! Barb, you should know that I use you as Exhibit A when explaining the difference between the male gaze and the female gaze in spanking art, and this picture is a classic example of why.


  4. Alex, your comment..."who can do better on the World Wide Web? My personal answer is : no-one." spot on. There are some other excellent artists out there, a few of whom you mentioned, but Barb reigns high over all, in my opinion. Welcome back Barb, long live the Queen!

  5. Does barb have a website up and running where i can see more of her work?

    1. She had one, and it may come back soon. Stay tuned!

  6. It's nice innocent picture. By the way, I think the girl on picture is boy's sister.

  7. Great new picture by Barb. Thanks for posting. How about this for a caption.

    "I gave you every opportunity to take off your clothes for me so I could examine you. But you didn't. So now I'm going to take them all off for you. And don't worry about Claire, she is the school doctor. She sees teenage boys undressed in her office every day."

  8. excellent picture.Barb is Fantastic

    for a story i like to think its a young executive starting out and joining the local country sports club to get on.
    To join he has to play one of the instructors so chooses tennis as he thinks he can easily beat a Female.
    A game of 3 tie-breaks is organised.
    he looses the first tie-break in a very close game. The Female Instructor offers him a bet of forfits for the next 2 games which he takes Her up on and is absolutely beaten falling down a few times scratching his knees and arms. Not only is his forfit a full body shave but a check up by the resident Nurse.
    His embaressment is completed by the Female Instructor over seeing his humiliation, anxious to play out the last game to which he has no idea what his fate is as he knows he cant win. The large hairbrush maybe a clue.


  9. The grazed knee is very evident.The nurse has decided that he must be stripped totally naked just so she can have a look at that graze.Teh woman has been challenged to a game of tennis and has of course triumphed.He has thrown himself around the court to try and beat her but instead he is going to beaten by that hairbrush.


  10. Whe I looked at the picture this is what initially came to mind - hope you enjoy

    Billy Jackson, a recent high school grad, was going to college in the fall and his mother had asked a friend of hers, Mrs. Brockman, the Country Club nurse if she would give Billy a thorough examination so she could send him off knowing he was healthy. She was also worried about his lack of development even though he was eighteen and asked her friend if she could determine any reason, or was he just a late bloomer.

    Billy went to the nurse thinking it was more like a routine doctor’s check up, not realizing the thoroughness his mother had requested. When the nurse asked him to disrobe, he balked, but that lasted about thirty seconds. Madeline, her daughter, who also happened to be captain of the high school tennis team and a classmate of Billy, was nearby and Mrs. Brockman asked her daughter to assist in controlling the recalcitrant boy.

    The mother enjoyed a female led relationship in her marriage and raised her daughter in a similar manner. So it was not alarming when her mother asked for her assistance, having participated previously in her brother’s discipline sessions.

    And because it was Billy Jackson, an arrogant little worm as far as she was concerned, she was overjoyed and readily agreed. Being a tall strong woman she had no problem getting Billy in a bear hug from behind, immobilizing his arms as her mother stripped his pants and shorts down to his knees then dragged him over her lap and administered a sound spanking until Billy sobbed his willingness to be obedient.

    Flipping him back over, Mrs. Brockman began to unbutton his shirt while Madeline stood there casually observing his nudity, noting how small his underdeveloped genitals were. She smirked realizing how this information would benefit her at college. She would make Billy her little gopher and maybe a nice stand in for pussy licking when dates got a little sparse. Otherwise, she’d let every girl at school know of Billy’s shortcomings.

    Meanwhile, as Mrs. Brockman was disrobing Billy, she too noticed just how small his penis was, tiny in fact, but also noted that he had an erection. Might as well see how he responds to stimulation, and as he was still across her lap stroked his little member. He whined but remained still as she questioned his masturbation habits. When he failed to answer, she smacked the inside of his thigh, demanding to know. His initial response, hardly ever, resulted in continued smacks to his thigh until she got the answer she knew was probably correct.

    He whimpered that he did it once a day.

    Mrs. Brockman continued with her stimulation and Billy ejaculated leading Mrs. Brockman to realize that Billy’s penis wasn’t a late bloomer, he was just one of the tiny ones.

    Later when she reported that Billy was in excellent health but that he was just small where it counted, the mother got a concerned look on her face.

    I wouldn’t worry if I were you Mrs. Brockman told the mother. No, he probably can’t satisfy any woman with his penis, but my daughter will probably be showing him other ways to achieve that goal. Then Mrs. Brockman made a “V” with her fingers and licked through them and the mother laughed.

  11. Thank you everyone! : ) Nice read
    I think Jackkat's one is my favourite, even if the shorter ones are accurate too

  12. Hello, ALL!!

    I hope that further works will be available from the wonderful "Barb"..... She has kept all of the FM/m fraternity on the edge of their seats for decades.. me being one of them.. lol.
    Keep up the great work, Ms Barb..
    Personal sessions available???
    Terry Mc.
    SW London........

  13. Is there any way that You can publish a contact link for Auntie Barb's latest website, please??

    Terry Mc.
    SW London

    1. Her new website is not available (yet), unfortunately.

      You must be patient like the rest of us : )

    2. Bonjour Alex, Well he is being undressed by his mother, President of the womens Tennis club where he had partnered Ann-Marie in the mixed doubles annual competition. However he had robustly and rudely challenged every line decision with the Umpire reducing her to tears! They had lost their game and because of his behaviour on court his Mother had decided to punish him in front of members and the Committee.
      So shortly after he was taken into the lounge, quite bare and put over her then Ann-Marie knees ,for a sound spanking with the large Official club senior bath brush!His loud reactions to its application to his big bare bottom, was greeted with approval by all in the audiance! The rosy red colour of his btm showed how effective the firmly applied brush had been! Diane

  14. Alex,

    Tell Barb O'Toole that i revere Her work! And BEG HER to let us know how to get Her work!

  15. Excellent story lines. Thinking back to earlier work by Barb and given some of the clues in the scene, my take would be the over confident, young male egged on and hounded his classmate, the girl in the scene, to a tennis challenge.

    She utterly whipped him in a lopsided match where for the most part he found himself jumping out of the way and frequently falling when she delievered powerful serves and back-hand returns.

    It was agreed the winner would get to spank the loser. When it came time to settle up the humiliated boy pleaded with the girl almost ot the point of tears not to go through with it. She would have nothing of it. As his feeble protests continued the two were interrupted by the school doctor. She indicated she was concerned at how exhausted he appeared to be and his pale color. To be safe she wanted to check him out.

    The girl sensed an opportunity remembering the fun she had a few years' prior taking advantage of a couple of the neighborhood boys whle playing doctor. She smiled as she thought about how over the couse of a few months she methodically got her two male playmates to take off more and more of their clothes for her as she playing the doctor did her make believe exams. The games culminated one afernoon in her living room, that served as the doctor's office, when she got both to remove their underpants and stand in front of her naked. Both boys quickly realized their sitaution and like little kids started shrieking, making every effort to hide their privates from her, and scrambled to get dressed. They both then ran out of the house. She felt so self confident at how she dominated and easily manipulated them.

    She thought that would be the end of it but one of the boys came to her about a week later saying he wanted to play again. She couldn't believe how she was able to turn the situation to the point he started pleading with her to play. She did a good job of maintaining an outward appearance of indifference and lack of interest. The boy continued to plead. When she felt she had him totally hookd she sprung her trap. She emphasized to him that if she was going to take the time to play, he had to follow her every instruction so the game seemed real which would make it worthwhile to her. he immediately agreed, saying anything you want, your the doctor.

    As she led him to the living room of her house she was all grins. She announced she needed to do a complete physical. She made him take off all his clothes. For the next 30 minutes he remained nude as she put hime in one compromising position after the next, making sur each gave her a better view of his genitals and rear opening. She could not believe the control she had over him...

    Just about that time she snapped out of her daydream and announced to the beaten boy that if he let her watch the doctor conduct her exam she would agree not to spank him. The boy was ecstatic, and readily agreed.

    His happiness was short lived because to his utter and complete embarrassment the doctor with the young girl intently observing, proceeded to give him the most thorough of physical exams. And to make matters worse, the doctor, knowing the girls interest in medicine, allowed her to take his temperature in his bottom and provided her a step by step how to account of when she checked him for a hernia.

    The boy still can't look the girl in the face and it has nothing to do with her tennis talents.

    It would also be a learning experience for her to watch since she had plans to go to medical school sensed an opportunity.whesensing an oppoydnciaenot to go through with effeebilypoorpay upennThe winner diving after her serves

    1. Taking his temperature in front of her would be sweet indeed.
      The hairbrush is in view, the thermometer must be in her pocket...

  16. Alex, great work. Thanks for the original post. Looking forward to future posts. The meidcal scenes you have posted both by you and by Barb are first rate.

  17. First of all thanks Alex for the pictures. As I read through the great interpretations I merged two to develop an additional theme.

    The doctor and the girl schemed together to get the humiliated teenager to submit to the the exam making him think it was an easy out of his predicament. What he didn't know is that ever since the girl confided in the doctor that she was considering going to medical school, the doctor took her under her wing. The intent today with the boy was to allow the girl to observe as she gave him- a teenage male, a complete physical. The doctor was a feminist and wanted to help girls succeed and to learn self-confidence and superiority traits.

    The girl was really excited for both the educational and the stimulation aspects of the experience. She recalled how her mother, when she tol her mother she was interested in being a doctor, esorted her and her 40 year old boyfriend to his annual physical with her friend, a very attractive middle-aged woman. When in the office the mom announced she wanted her daughter to observe the exam. He protested vociferously. She became very stern with him reminding him that she had been observing all his medical exams with the doctor and that this was an experience she wanted her daughter to have. When the doctor readily agreed, he, seeing she was not going to change her mind, sheepishly obeyed.

    What an experience the girl had. The doctor made him strip down to his underpants, and than she examined him very carefully. He was beet red. The girl could not believe her eyes when the doctor directed him to pull down his underpants. As he stood in front of the three woman naked the doctor gave him a thorough genital exam. But what happened next was incredible. She put him up on her table on all fours and gave him a rectal. He was up on the table for over 5 minutes. He looked so humiliated. She had to stifle a giggle when as a last indignity the doctor stuck a thermometer up his butt while he was in this exposed position. The doctor turned to her and her mom and discussed the exam she had just performed as her remained mounted on her examining table with the thermometer hanging out of his ass.

    The girl was r

  18. Bonjour Alex

    Si j'ai bien compris, vos montages s'inspirent des montages de Barbara O'Toole.
    Quant à elle, j'ai cru comprendre qu'elle traduisait en photos ses propres dessins (à moins que ce ne soit l'inverse...). Quelle salade !
    En tout cas votre blog est formidable. Je l'ai naturellement cité dans le mien sur tumblr: subboysandmatureladies. Dites-moi ce que vous en pensez. Merci

    1. Choix de photos excitant... J'aime particulièrement quand avec les scènes de punition, se trouvent des photos neutres de très beaux modèles vintage, on peut leur prêter toutes sortes d'intentions.
      J'apprécie quand mes photos sont partagées, mais pas quand elles sont traficotées pour supprimer ma signature (celle en noir et blanc du 23 décembre par exemple). C'est pas forcément votre faute, mais merci d'être vigilant à cela.
      J'ai ajouté votre lien dans mon post " Life starts at 65 !! ", je pense que ceux qui apprécient ce concept aimeront naturellement votre page : )

  19. Isn't Barb O'Toole's art wonderful. I can't get enough of her talent. As far as this particular piece I would love to know her own thoughts as to what is going on. I do have my own theory. Here goes: They are obviously in a locker room - most likely at a private racket club or country club. Locker rooms are usually gender-specific so my guess is the young man depicted probably got caught snooping in the lady's locker room (there are 2 ladys present, no?) and the club nurse or physician was summoned to deal with the situation. She has given him the option of either being reported to the authorities and quitting the club or submit to her idea of suitable punishment: a bare-bottom spanking with a sturdy hair brush while the young lady he happened to be spying on watches. He apparently has chosen the latter. The medical person's method of undressing him is intended to show his embarrassing lack of development to the young lady, who appears to be feigning cool indifference. Classic Barbara O'Toole!

  20. I am trying to find an image Barb did, which I have since lost, called "Andy Be Still." Anyone have that one to share?!?

  21. When this nurse finishes examining this teen-age boy. He will delight in using that hairbrush on the nurse's bare bottom.

  22. When Gary agreed to play tennis with his older sister he had no idea what he was getting into. He thought Girls are no good at sports. I will beat her easily.
    Well not only did Gary get soundly beaten by his sister at tennis, but he also fell and injured his knee. In typical male fashion he stated he was fine, but his sister said she was responsible for him. She stated the club doctor was readily available and he was better safe than sorry. Gary told his sister to mind her own business and went in the boy's locker room to escape her.
    Gary's sister called their mother who placed a call to the club doctor. Fearing a potential lawsuit the doctor said she would promptly check Gary's knee out free of charge. His mother said do not be perturbed by Gary's attitude as he hates going to the doctors and hasn't had a physical in two years. The doctor said she had no problem giving Gary a thorough medical, but would it be OK to use force, if he was reluctant. The doctor said she used to work at a private school for boys and whenever one of the boys did not wish his underpants lowered, he was administered a firm dose of the hairbrush. But most of the time just the sight of the hairbrush was a deterrent for an uncooperative lad. Gary's mom gave permission to the doctor to spank Gary if he did not follow orders and said her daughter could witness Gary's exam in case Gary accused the doctor of improper conduct.
    Gary was quite surprised when he saw the doctor and his sister entering the men's locker room. The doctor told him she was going to look at his knee. Gary began protesting, but sister told him that ma had given permission for the doctor to give him the hairbrush if he did not cooperate. Gary frowned but slowly let down his pants. The doctor had him sit and placed his legs across her lap to inspect the damaged knee. Just a scrape, she reported. All set, asked Gary not having a clue his ordeal was just starting. The doctor took the elastic waistband of his briefs and yanked them down, while Gary let out a shriek. What the heck is this? he yelled. The doctor told him Your mother said you haven't had a nice thorough physical in the past two years. So I figure since I am free for the next hour, I can give you a physical today. An hour may not be enough time, but we can always finish up next week when your sister brings you back so I can recheck that knee. And it is better than having to feel the sting of the hairbrush and give your mother a bad report.

    1. This scenario sounds very possible ! : )

      Next time please sign your text, shame it's another anonymous one


    2. Oh, yes! I feel better knowing Gary is getting his medical needs taken care of. :-) My boys hate seeing the doctor too.

      I hope Gary doesn't dislike tennis after this. I'll bet when his sister brings him back the following week, she challenges him to another match. And we all know who loses this one too. The boy is just so nervous he cannot focus on his game. LOL Boys!

      I'll bet his mother also accompanies Gary to his second appointment so that she can personally thank the doctor for doing such a thorough job with the boy. She also knew this was going to be the boy's first rectal exam so he may become a little resistant. But he would already be in position for a good spanking which she was sure would lead to his reluctant cooperation. :-)

    3. Gary is becoming such a sweet boy! ; )

  23. Is that boy, in a country club women's locker room? Being changed too? " and for that reason, I'm out" Mister wonderful!