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Awkward moments in 1951 (Medical part 4)

After the War came the time of ambitious medical campaigns at large scale to evaluate and protect the youth. 

As you can see above, it wasn't necessary pleasant memories. The medical authority could keep you as long as they wanted to protect your health and the society against potential contagious diseases. The most simple way to make sure one would not leave without permission was obviously to keep his clothes away.
So if you didn't want to be kept a few days, you knew you had to be very obedient, just in case the staff was in a bad mood...

Boys in the 18-24 years old range were all examinated if they had applied for University (pictures below that I'll send to you dear VIP readers). For some boys in the 1950s, the very first medical visit also meant the very first direct contact with the opposite gender, which of course led to very awkward accidents... 

EDIT : I've posted in the comments section a story from " Buck Naked ", it puts well into words what is happening in these pictures and the atmosphere in these 1950s : )
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  1. In 50s naked exam for boys, teens, and young men was usual thing. Their modesty wasn't big deal then.

  2. I joined Boy Scouts when I was 11. That summer, the troop - about 20 male scouts between the ages of 11 and 17, mostly 11-14 - planned to go to the regional scout camp for about 2 weeks in July. Prior to leaving for camp, each of us had to have a physical exam. The town where I grew up was small; there was only one physician. To expedite things, the scoutmaster arranged for us to have our physicals on a Saturday morning in June. We met at the doctor's office at 9 with our paperwork in hand. The scoutmaster collected all the forms and gave them to Dr. Smith's nurse, a grey-haired, short, slightly rotund nurse. After 10 minutes or so, the nurse call out five names, and those five boys went with her into the exam room. After 20 minutes or so, she opened the door and called out five more names, one of which was mine. We entered the exam room. It was something one might see in a medical museum. Very large room, 14x20, with cabinets along both walls, and a large wooden exam chair. We lined up, to be told by Dr. Smith to, "Strip to your waist." Within a few minutes, five of us - ages 11 to 16 - we shirtless, all facing the doctor. Dennis was first; he was 16. Chip was second; he was also 11. I was third. Mark and Billy, 13 and 14, were fourth and fifth. Dr. Smith went down the line, eyes, ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs. the usual. With Miss Cottingham looking on, we stood in front of the doctor and dropped our pants and underwear. While the doctor did the exam, she saw our genitals and our fellow scouts saw our buttocks. Penis, testicles, scrotum. Then we turned around, bent over, was told spread buttocks by hands and he did a visual anal exam. That's also when our fellow scouts saw our genitals. It was embarrassed even for me in my 11 but I think 16-year-old Dennis was embarrassed much more.

  3. I had draft military exam when I was 18. I was standing in a line of about 40 guys when this guy in a uniform comes up and tells the last five of us to follow him. He takes us around the corner and about halfway down this hallway. He tells me to go in. I move past this screen and there is a woman doctor standing there with a stethoscope dangling from her ears. She motions me closer and tells me open wide, jamming a tongue blade down my throat. She then listens to my heart and lung. Another woman then took my blood pressure. It was then that I noticed that there were women at desks doing paper work that could see the entire exam. One of those girls was one I went to high school with. She had to reconize me, although she gave no indication. She had that deer in the headlights look. After the cuff was removed from my arm the doctor told me to lower my shorts and she did the hernia check. It seemed that my two coughs filled the entire floor. The doctor then told me to bend over and gave me a very rough rectal exam. It was the first rectal in my life and I was mortufied. The worst, all the while this girl is watching this. It was the most humilitating, demeaning expierance of my life. I had the very bad luck of being in the overflow and was diverted to where the women inducties were given their physicals. I noticed that there were no men in that area. When I got home I got out my yearbooks and found that girl. To think that she saw me being humiliated in that way made me sick and angry. None of those women there that day would not for an instant even think of letting a strange man watch them being examined. There is really no excuse for it. Fortuniately, I never saw that girl again. But I know she told anyone who would listen what she witnessed. I realize the government has to do these exams, but I also believe a little diginty would be in order. There was no reason for those women to view those physicals. This humiliation may not be planned, but it could not have been planned any better in my case.

  4. From " Buck Naked " :

    "Oh no, Mommy..." - already the choice of word showed my regression - "...not in front of the girls!"

    I was a shy 17 year old farmboy, being bustled by my mother into the doctor's surgery. And, instead of staying in the waiting room, my sister and cousin were walking determinedly behind. Sis was a precocious 16, my ugly spectacled cousin 17. This was back in the 1950s when full-nude medical inspections for boys were universal. (Oh how we males shivered to even hear those words, "full nude", "medical examination" ). Amd, yes, with women doctors. And with Mom present. That was bad enough. But who told the girls they could be part of the fun?

    "Don't be silly. They're not interested in looking at you getting examined."

    It was the age-old lie - "Dont worry, the girls are not interested "- that is, not curious in glimpsing what you look like, bucknaked. Oh yeah?The greedy looks of these girls told a different story. They saw it as a rich treat. I suspected Mom had wanted this. A humiliation for her son, at the hands of females. With Mom getting an eyeful of things she had not seen in years. Before the changes.

    My stomach turned over.

    I remember as if yesterday the tiny, cramped doctor's room. Its smell of ointments and steriliser. And the 50s something, hair-in-a-bun doctor with her crisp instruction for me to "strip" - how that word made a thousand butterflies take off in my tummy - "down to my underwear" . There was no examining table, no screens. Just a chair for Mom, the girls standing on either side, and I caught a glimpse of them beaming. I blushed and picked at my buttons and belt. My fingers shaking.

    My shirt folded on the desk, my flies hanging loose I made another plea," Oh, Mommy, not in front of them!"

    The doctor snapped. "What's this 'Mommy' business? We're not becoming a little boy all over again, are we?"

    She was seated on the chair in front of me. "Dear me!" she exclaimed. She impatiently reached for my loosened trousers and tugged them down to my knees. I gasped. Only a pair of faded, worn BVDs shielded my modesty. I caught a glimpse of the girls' eyes bulging and focused on my crotch. My mother gleamed. The doctor made me step out of the shameful puddle of clothes and fold them.

    Then she rose and picked up a stethoscope and her examination started. All the usual tests and measurements. But my heart was beating hard fearing the climactic moment. My penis had begun to thicken and stretch, even before I felt her spidery fingers palpating my tummy and the tickling of the stethoscope on my nipples. The BVDs had begun to tent. The females were near hypnotised.


    The doctor was seated again, looking right at my bulge.

    "Please take down your underpants."

    Again a tearful plea." Please, front...of the girls!"

    Which only brought the official lie. "Don't be silly, they're not interested in seeing you without your pants, are you girls?" and they just shook their heads, eyes popping at what was now a 90 percent thrust in my flies.

    Slowly, despairing, I hitched my fingers in the elastic band, paused and pushed down. They saw a timberline of glistening pubic bush. Then I had to push the pants forward to overcome the jutting obstacle...and slip them lower...

    My penis was thick at the end and uncut. My testicles were uncommonly large and even when the prick was up, tended to hang lose. One ball was decidedly lower than the other. They would have a lot to feast their eyes.

    In a second it all came into view. Four sets of female eyes were agog. Their looks were avaricious. My penis sprang free and stood pointing at the ceiling.

    "Now, " said the doctor. "That wasn't so hard. Let's see what you have here."

    My humiliation was complete. "

  5. In the World War 11 years, the only solution to NURSING a problem was to SPANK them on their bare bottoms. Be it a man's hand, paddle, hairbrush, birch rod, cane, or whip.

  6. When I was 18 years old, I had to undergo the medical examination in Brussels. It took one day in the early seventies. At that time I was not well prepared for a group medical exam. Some older guys told me that you had to undress completely, so the recruit should be full naked. Other guys told me that it was overruled. But the first part of the medical exam was half naked. I had to undress my upper body and my feet as well. We could keep the trousers on. After about 1,5 hour we had to undress completely. So we stood there full naked in the queue, waiting for an examination by a doctor. Especially our knees, feet, legs, shoulders, back... were examined. Each part by another doctor. I had to wait for every exam a long time. Mostly some twenty or more boys stood in the row before me. So you could see the examination of all the boys who where before you. But when it was my turn, the boys who came after me, could see every part of my body, including my penis. The doctors didn't mention my dick. Sometimes it was extremely difficult for me to stand there full naked. It was the first time in my life I saw other boys naked. So for me it was not easy to hold on an unerected penis. Later we had also an exam of our genetical parts, but that was in a separated room. At that time the army did great efforts for the sexual health of the recruits. Every recruit should have a clean penis en should be able to have a strong erection. For me it was no problem at all.
    It was an unforgettable day in my life. Sometimes I remember that strange situation of being completely naked in front of other naked boys. It was weird and at the same time magical. At the evening we were convinced that we had an extremely healthy body.

    1. If you were in football squad, you would be also naked in front of others in the shower !
      But not wating in line for hours : )

    2. I have vivid memories of a school medical when I was nine in the early 1960s. There were 30 boys in my class and on the morning of the medicals we were told to remove our clothes and wait our turn. We were seen in alphabetical order so with my surname beginning with L it meant that I was waiting, stark naked, in a queue of boys for over an hour. The medical was over quickly but I will never forget standing nude in an extremely cold hall. The boys at the end of the queue had to wait for nearly two hours.

    3. It was embarrassing, but not fun. This is why I add pervy nurses ; )

  7. I had my medical exam for the recruitment in the army in the fall of 1971. In Belgium every boy at the age of 18 had to go to Brussels therefore. Some boys were younger, other who had studied were older. I was 18 and had just finished school. I have had a very strong Catholic education. At school there were no showers and the gym and sport lessons were always full clothed. At home being naked was the greatest taboo. At the age of 18 I was really a virgin as a boy. I had no sexual experience at all. I do think at that time there were many boys who had no sexual experience, just like me.
    In the second part of the medical army exam, we had to undress completely. For me it was the first time I was full naked in front of other naked boys. In the beginning of the naked queue it was a strange experience for me. Being full naked and every other recruit could see my secret body parts. But I could see also the penis of other boys. At the beginning I was very shy and had some problems with my penis. It was a strange en odd situation I wasn't able to understand. Later during the exam I get used at being naked and it was obvious en clear that it was normally that the boys had to be completely naked. The doctors had to examine at about 200 boys a day, so to help them not losing time, the recruit had to be completely naked every moment of het physical examination. I learned also that the army would give us a complete medical examination from head to toes. Not only to look if we were able to be a healthy soldier. But also to give us a completely medical exam to confirm the physical situation of our body. Therefore I intended for a total cooperation. Being naked was just necessary for the good of our selves. At that age I was a boy who had no questions by an order given to me. When I was obliged to undress completely I did it, without remarks. I must also mention that in het naked part of the medical examination there were no female nurses or female doctors present.
    We all know that in het countries occupied by the Soviet Union, the boys had to undergo the medical drafts from beginning to end completely naked. Mostly in front of older female nurses. I think for most of the nude boys it was a humiliating situation. In Belgium we did not have such humiliation situations. It was a certain form of respect for our nudity and our feelings that we didn't have to show our secrets body parts to women.
    All by all it was a strange and unforgettable day for me. But I was glad I had a healthy body at that moment. And I was also glad I was able to compare for the first time in my life my body with other boys. It gave me a good feeling when it was over.

  8. Most doctors and pediatric offices require the presence of a parent or guardian while conducting a medical examination that requires nudity or manipulation in the sexual organs of the underage patient, so I regularly attend my son's phisical examinations. All my son's visits included genital check at the end of the exam where the doctor usually pulls his underpants to his knees and conducts hernia and testicular check and retraction of the foreskin as well. Since there is no shirm in the exam room, this has been done practically in front of my eyes. As I mentioned my son is still young to make fuss about that. However, I too often see mothers entering the exam room with older sons who apparently have entered puberty and their son's behavior shows a huge discomfort and embarassement. I am curious to whether the examinations of the boys who are already in puberty is done in the same way as the examination of my pre-pubescent son. I

  9. anonymous of june 10 2017 :

    you can have no doubt that the examinations of older boys than your son who have already reached puberty development are performed in the same way as the recent one of your son, that means even more undressed, certainly stark naked for a check head to toes of the skin and a thorough check of the spine and the gait with him walking stark naked in front of the doctor and you forward and backward, then with hernia test, testicular check and retraction of the penis as usual, and may be also a check of the meat, and normally if the doctor is serious also a visual examination of the anus with your son turning around and bending over with butts widely spread apart.

    It will be embarassing for him but if the presence of a chaperone is required as long as he is an underage patient, there is no other solution than to come with him or to ask to his father, not sure that he prefers that solution ? but once entered in the examination room,you can look away when he is examined, it is your presence which is required, not your look at the examination!

    As regards Belgium compulsory physical examinations of draftees for military service at 18 or a little more, it seems that it was more serious as regards the state of nudity in group and public exammination of the draftees in this country than in France where there was in most pre-draft military centers no more exminations in goup stark naked with public examinations during the last years of the 60's but I must recognize that may be it was depending on which centers you were summoned, some were more strict than others for the nudity of draftees, and it could have changed also after the end of the 60's when the report in front of the draft board commission which took place after since 1966 had been completely suppressed, so that some pre-draft physicals military centers could have returned to the rules of complete nudity applied in the past instead of allowing the draftees to wear their briefs when lining in corridors and public examinations.

  10. I had my first medical at primary school when I was about 6 years I was only in my underpants the doctor was female when it was time to be examined down my underpants I just had to pull my underpants forward and she put her hand down my underpants and got hold of my penis and examined it then she pulled my foreskin back she also examined my balls a girl came in the room and saw me in my underpants she was coming for her medical the next time I was about 10 years my mum came to that one. I think when it was the to be examined down below I had to take my underpants off so I was naked in front of my mum then the doctor said I had to lay over my mum lap so she could have a look at my rectum and take my temperature and then put a finger in it to examine itwhen I got of my mum lap a girl came in the room with her mum so she and her mum saw me naked the doctor said that before I got dress I had to bend over backwards when I was doing that the girl came from the next room where we got undressed she came out naked the doctor said to her mum she was only been in her knickers her mum said that when she saw me naked she told her girl that it looks like you medical is in naked the last medical was when I was 15 years secondary school that one was naked but we had to have a teacher with us when it was my turn the only Person that could come was the headmistress because all the teachers where in class how mums and dads where at work

  11. As an exchange student to the US in mid 70’s I was very surprised when called to the high school doctor the father of my host family was present during the whole exam.
    Being told to remove underwear and having hernia, testicles and penis examined, with foreskin retraction, in front of these two upper middleaged men was very awkward.
    Being told to bend over and spread buttocks was more or less abuse.