Friday, October 7, 2011

Archives : " among women " part deux

If you had any doubts remaning after the first article a few days ago...
Being jobless in the countryside at twenty years old expose you dangerously to your aunt, mother, sister, nanny... well... to anything with a dress and a wicked side !


  1. Ah, those poor little mamones! Spankings, public nudity. Poor babies!

  2. Harriet Marwood's daughterOctober 9, 2011 at 7:55 PM

    A Mammone at 20, oh the shame! The shame that just aggravates his shyness with girls and ties La Mamma's apron strings tighter around him every day. With her matriarchal network's full support, his regression proceeds apace. His earlier rebellious turn will soon be the occasion of many tearful apologies and confessions to Mamma. Semi- and fully nude in her presence of course, or worse. Suspected incomplete disclosure of a masturbation fantasy results in a rapidly arranged visit to Mamma's doctor friend for yet another, 2-3 hours' long psychophysical Evaluation Session. Naturally in Mamma's laughing presence and increasingly with her assistance, to encourage the bonding that he had earlier rejected. The silly mammone!

  3. I'm afraid the turning point was reached years ago indeed. Now it's a bit too late to escape this kind of "Catch 22" situation.

    I may use your comment to describe one of my upcoming pictures, if you don't mind.

    Clearly you, katlyn and a few others understand what this page is about, thank you for your input!

  4. It's the way of world: Mothers rule. In Italia it is a little more extreme.

  5. Harriet Marwood's daughterOctober 11, 2011 at 7:02 AM

    katlyn: Mothers rule, as they should! And not only in Bellissima Italia: they are not to be trifled with in Mother Russia either.

    Alex: thanks for the compliment. Of course I don't mind your using my comment, I'm flattered!

  6. Is it me or have you alo noticed how how little regard some boys pay to hygene these days!? That's why I welcome the very firm acion of the lady in the photo!
    If your older teenager is lax in washing himself teach him a lesson by making him bathe in the garden 18 or more does not matter at all!. You must be ready to take over if is tardy and demonstrate how things should be washed!
    If the neighbours are in their gardens so much the better ! Public display will shame him into action as this mother has done! The neighbours attention can be quickly drawn to what is happening by making him bend over a garden chair or your knees and spanking him hard with the bathbrush !His cries will be loud ,I can assure you!
    You must make sure he washes himself 'every where' and pays attention to his so called private parts! However not private from a strict mother!This is basic hygene and must be taught if need be, with the aid of a spanking!

  7. I can only agree with your simple methods! Why is it that difficult?
    Too bad too many families are letting bad habits perpetuate nowadays...

  8. No mom, what if the two neighbor girls are out in the back yard? They are gunna see me naked. That's ok, I could use the help. I'll have them give your scalp a good scouring. Oh I hear them giggling, looks like they are on there way over. Oh look at the skimpy outfits they have on. You just behave your self.

  9. This picture reminds me when I was 5 yrs old. My sister, 8 yrs my senior and her girlfriend and her younger sister thought it would be fun to give me a bath in the kiddie pool. They each took turns shampooing my head and gave me a good scrubbing. I remember getting very excited when they rinsed me off with the garden hose. I remember a lot of giggling, and then it was off to bed for my nap. I think that is when I learned how to masturbate, lying face down thinking about what the girls did to me. It only happened once, when our mom found out what the girls did she was not happy. From then on I only got a bath inside the house, although my sister was still allowed to bathe me.

  10. Nothing like a good backyard spanking for all to see. markiee