Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No nonsense mother

You better not mess up with elle.


  1. Wow, Alex this mom definetly has the look that every young man fears. The boy's bottom is nice and pink and I suspect Mom's not quite done with him.

    1. That could be me in the picture. Been there a lot of times. Kyle

  2. Her green eyes don't lie indeed. She is quite special. She has already appeared in this blog once and she will again : )

    As for the boy... it's not only the bottom, she knows the sharp pulse-like pain of the inner thighs as well ! And she knows how she will finish the job later...

  3. Harriet Marwood's granddaughterOctober 26, 2011 at 3:40 PM

    She knew and she did, 2 hours later. And next time he messed with Elle he got the full treatment again. Now 10 years later, while mom has blossomed into a mature beauty he is pushing 30 and has graduated to hopeless, full Mammone status. Nonetheless, when put on display he feels the hot and cold waves of shame just as intensely as ever. Girls? Women his age? Only as delighted and teasing spectators, to remind him of the foolishness of defying Her.

  4. What a gorgeous Mom and she certainly knows how to put manners on her teenager. The embarrassment is even worse for him than the pain.

  5. Indeed Hattyonce. You'll see her again in this page, I have 2 or 3 pictures with her done or half-finished.

    HM's granddaughter... always spot on ! : )
    Well written, I keep your comments apart for my next pictures.

    By the way, if someone notices broken-English in my pictures and messages, even little mistakes, do me a favour and send me a message with the correct text so that I can modify this blog. I want it to look more "credible". Thank you very much.

  6. i need to be put into practice this way. No Nonsense, and i would hurt, no fooling.

  7. At 16, this mammone is learning there is no escape from his mother's power. Last night he drank some unauthorized wine, read pornography and abused himself beneath the sheets. Today, Patrick will be as bare (and waxed) as a new born, spanked as a naughty boy, and displayed in her home. Tomorrow, he will be spanked some more and dressed in a watch plaid micro-mini kilt, starched white blouse, knee socks and patent leather buckle shoes. The next day, in another fetching little outfit appropriate to his station, he will receive several spankings and a page boy haircut at the salon in the home village of Matriarchal, Vermont. And so it will go until he has embraced his place in this society where mommies (and wives)rule the roost. It's just a matter of time, until Patrick is fully converted to a life of service to women.

  8. Hi Alex, This lady looks so confident, exuding an air of total authority over her disgraced son, who she has just soundly thrashed with a paddle and a strap. Justly deserved after she found him in his bedroom ,entertaining his girlfriend!
    What was intiguing was 'she had something special' in mind for later! He has been soundly punished -witness his red bottom but that is not special! I pondered ,then it struck me! No not 'That' surely but why not..he deserve it...didn't he..but..yes why not! He had behved so badly! Yes she had strength and the determination to carry it through-a spanking in the Diaper position, bare ofcourse!
    A Spanking by hand on his bottom then the strap on the backs of his thighs again! this she would follow by putting him in a diaper for the day, after making sure she powderd his bottom and you know what! An exemplary punishment, a special punishment indeed!

  9. katlyn : I suspect he'll live in chastity for the rest of the life indeed. It's common to give the most clever boy of the family to the Church. The Lucky boy chosen to serve the glory of God! ; )

    Diane : you'll be surprised to know that this "diapering" picture already exists!! And with this same French mother. I did it 2 years ago and I wasn't totally happy with it technically, but I'll post it if you excuse some little defects.

  10. Hi Alex, I am but delighted! I look forward to seeing his punishment illustrated very much!
    Being put in diapers for the day, also means from time to time ,she will have to take it off, to allow him to do things!
    I am sure she will have arranged for some of his female relatives to come around and see his diaper taken off, so they can see his spanked bottom and witness his bottom etc, being powdered again before the diaper is put back on !
    There will be much teasing I have no doubt and a few good slaps added to his sore bottom!

  11. Now there's a look then sends fear to the pit of the stomach. A looks that says, "Do I look like I'm joking?' I am picturing two friends or maybe cousins caught in the act, perhaps surfing adult sites on the web. Her own son now well spanked, she turns her attention to the other who foolishly said...'You wouldn't dare do that to me'

    Oh yes she would and she does! Soon there are two red bottoms facing the corner.

    Great job once again Alex

  12. Surfing adult sites... she certainly doesn't allow such debauchery !!
    You can see she is not joking indeed... you'll see her again.

  13. That was me, 2 to 3 time a week, thanks to my Step Sisters

    Wish I could still be there...