Friday, October 7, 2011

Twilight new episode : " The River "


  1. Convenient that the girl seems to be wearing a light dress. Easy to flip up to put the diaper on, as well as check to see if she is wet.

    The diaper will also make an embarrassing crinkle through it when she sits down at the movie.

  2. In my mind it was the crinkle when she sits and the bit of extra volume under her light dress that got her so worried indeed.
    She knows she is attractive but it is hard to be totally confident when you are on the verge of a disaster !

    "the devil is in the details"

  3. Even if no-one else knows, she will and sooner or later she will have to use it as well. And to think she is a big girl. The shame of it.

  4. Hi Alex, I am left wondering about her problem. Has she had no treatment for her incontinence?
    The reference to 'little problem' suggests to me it is psychological. Perhaps a sign of a nervous disposition! She needs proper treament ,love and support-not the casual and brusque way she is treated by her Mum ,i.e.
    'on your bed legs up'!
    I wonder if her problem is in fact caused by her Mother's attitude. I feel she is strict and has litttle sympathy with her daughter, thereby increasing her nervousness! I can imagine mother keeps a paddle or french martinet in her wardrobe ready to use on her daughters bare bottom for any misbehaviour!
    That in itself can sometimes cause young ladies to wet themselves !
    A good thought provoking post!

  5. Haha! No honestly I didn't think of that.
    This is a caring Mom. And you know young ladies can be so emotive...

    But the relation between stress and incontinence is a reality. We have seen many times the proud ones who try to keep a brave face until the end... who finally wet themselves miserably before a spanking! : /