Friday, October 7, 2011

Don't forget the medical visit !

Reminder: If your son reachs twenty years old without sexual intercourse, it's better to take an appointment to make sure everything is normal. Otherwise anomalies that could have been revealed thanks to a partner may be kept dangerously secret. 
 A quick exam consisting in  :
1) global visual check .
2) evidence of no erectile dysfunction.
3) see if balls quickly  comeback to their round shapes after two minutes of pressure, which is sign of normal production of semen.
If the exam is not done before twenty-four years old, some minor treatments are not totally reimbursed, so better not wait too long.

Of course if the Doctor is a family's friend, it's better than months on the waiting list !


  1. How embarrassing for the young man at the park. He's looking back at his mother, with a look that pleads for her to stop, and also that he knows that she will punish him if he resists.

  2. This guy who have a drip wet erection, believe me...

  3. From dominantwomenrule. I don't know how I missed the medical scene above. Great one Alex!

    The poor lad's mom is greatly amused seeing his penis jump to attention when her doctor friend's finger found his prostate during his rectal exam.

    One could continue the fantasy as follows....She had to leave the room shortly thereafter when she could not contain her giggling as the young doctor- after getting him totally naked, marched her shamefaced son to the other side of the exam room to register his height and weight on the scale. As he walked his boner bounced up and down and was fully visible to both women no matter how much he tried to conceal himself form their view.

  4. Regarding the second scene, a farfetched yet titilating storyline fantasy nevertheless:

    At the annual mother-son picnic the two female corporate executives wanted to show their thanks to all the women in their employ. One of the doctors from the firm's health care provider- a practice comprised of two female physicians, agreed to attend and as a thank you conduct a cursory exam on all the teenage boys in attendance to ensure they were developing correctly.

    Thinking there would be only a few moms who would take advatage of the offer, the executives and the doctory were surprised and overwhelmed by how many teenage boys were brought by their mom's to the event.

    To get through all the boys that needed to be examined the doctor set up a kind of assembly-line exam process. After lunch the boys were instructed to go to where their moms' had laid out a blanket, undress completely and wait for the doctor to come and check them.

    It was quite a scene and more than one woman admitted it was quite the turn-on seeing so many teenage boys completely naked and remain that way for a rather long peiod of time. There seemed to be general agreement that as much fun as it was to observe the doctor checking the boy's genitals- while they stood nude in front of the doctor, there was a unique and special sense of satisfaction when he fellow was placed on all fours on the blanket and the doctor performed a quick visual and internal check of his rectum. The look on each boy's face as the young lady doctor penetrated his most private spece was priceless.

    1. You are only putting it at a larger scale!
      One humiliated boy wasn't enough? You have no pity : )

  5. Once a mother feels her sons penus that standing upright. It gives permission to her offspring, that he has a right to spank her and wank her to his delight.