Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last news from the debt crisis

 " The tragic unemployment rate added to the rental costs in central Madrid or Barcelona (about 13€ per square meter per month) force young qualified people to stay at the parental home. As a side effect there is a new shoplifter profile surfacing with the economic crisis: students who try to save money to pay their driving licence or the last mobile phone”. "

Sorry mujer pequeña, but there are good ways to save money, and bad ways : /


  1. Hi Alex, Your openning statement is so true and is going on throughtout Europe ,posing great problems for the retailers and us!
    The parents of these young people ,who at 18 or more should realise this ,which is not helping us all recover from the crisis. I feel that the Mother is doiig the right thing but just 12 strokes!That is entirely inadequate!
    The girl should be soundly spanked then given the 12 strokes! She should also be punished ,in front of her female relations to convince her not to try this again . Also it is felt that she must be grounded on Saturdays for the next Month to receive a spanking to ensure she gets the message! I would make the point to her ,which you made, that her actions drive up prices in te shops etc to pay for these crimes and we all suffer because of that!
    If she were my daughter she would really regret her actions!

  2. Dear Diane, " just " 12 strokes? : )
    But you know the paddle hurts more than the hand!! And it makes a sound that must echo between the building and down the road... It's not that easy to face the neighbours when they know she was punished like a little girl... And added to the shame of being caught shoplifting. I think she is clever enough to learn the lesson, and would give a LOT to go back in time and avoid this disaster : )

  3. Hello Alex, Thank you for commenting on my views.
    They made me rethink my response and I have to say I now consider you are right!I recall my parents giving me the paddle or dads big leather slipper and although I only got 6 maximum ,it hurt!.
    I also feel her parents must look beyond the immediate problem of punishment and consider the support she will need in the forth coming weeks. These are going to be traumatic for her! Of these love is the key and they must reassure her of that and give all the necessary emotional they support they can!
    Best wishes Diane

  4. Indeed Diane, the right balance

    But rest assured this page will not promote: ignoring the obvious, underreacting and endless talking either... ; )

  5. Too many people think that only boys get spanked. Tell that to this girl!

  6. My step sister used to invite thier girl friend over when they knew I was going to be disiplined, nothing like being maded to stand in a house full of girls in your underpants while waiting for you step mother to pick out the tools she will use on your bare bottom. Worse was when she invite one of my sister friends to pull down my underpants whlie standing in front of me. My Step mother away mad sure that it was alright with the mothers of my step sister girlfriends to see me being spanked.

    1. Better the paddle then the belt which is what my bottom still gets :(