Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's forced regression day

" A new address to leave your nineteen-years-old-rebel for the afternoon while you go shopping ! A little chat with our qualified staff at the entrance, and you can be assured you'll find a very obedient boy when you'll come back. Goodbye stress !! "

This is the Nannies With Fair Discipline franchise who already proposed to visit your home here . Such a success that they have now opened a day nursery down the street. Very convenient !

The " Forced bath in summer house " picture is a bonus for my VIP readers who stopped by there . It's in you mailbox in 2 minutes, so you should have 18 exclusive pics now. I think that one will be among your fave in your collection.
I must say I'm very happy with it. But if it is not to your liking, I'm open to suggestions !

Have a nice week-end everyone.


  1. Bonjour Alex, Louise Brisac left her house on Saturday with her son aged 19, on his way to 'Nannies for Discipline' and his sister, Francine just 18, who was going to the 'Detention and Spank Club' ,run by her School
    on Saturdays for disobedient girls!.
    Charles spent the first hour playing with toys before Nanny Marie publicly undressed him and put him in the bath. His face was a picture of enmbarrasment as she slapped his btm ,then bathed him ,washing his 'bits and pieces'. She put on his diaper and spoon fed him lunch!
    His day ended with a long spanking on his bare btm,by hand and hairbrush ,which reduced him to tears-you big baby she snapped,reminding him he had another 'appointment' in two weeks when she would try out the new cane! Diane

    1. Great !!
      I knew this business had potential
      I guess Charles will keep low profile from now : )

  2. I am surprised the mother or grandmother didn't invite the young girl outside the window to come in and help her give this naughty boy a scrubbing in the tub. I am sure she would have enjoyed herself. Poor naughty boy would have been so embarrassed to have this girl about his age giving him a bath. Well, maybe next time.