Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Standing against depravity !! Part 2

Last week we have discussed the danger represented by these new half-naked indecent "Pop-stars"corrupting our society.
I told you I would give you some examples of responsible persons who don't get fool by the new face of Evil!

As we demonstrated many times here, the vast majority of eighteen years old boys, like the one above, don't have enough psychological maturity to cope with the sexual act with an adult woman anyway
But their hormones are often fooling them a second time by making them believe they can physically do it. This “pop-star” below is suggesting an indecent “from behind” position, and some boys may dream to be initiated by this tall, strong Woman. As we know, they fail to realize it's way more complicated in practice... ; )
Their teenage bodies are often too short and much to weak yet to do the “thing” properly... even in this position, how many pillows would most of them need to be same level? As pathetic as a mosquito trying to penetrate a siren... Jokes apart, protecting them from such disillusions is another reason – as if more was needed – to keep them away a few more years from this adult thing!
So to all VIP readers, these are examples of the right authority applied, it's in your mailbox for your personal collection within minutes. (Before I'm asked again what is a VIP, please go there. And yes you'll get more than twenty new pictures)
I may do an update to focus on the specific danger of "Korean pop idols", and I think the subject will be covered. But I guess from now I'm back on these black & white medical scenes, "cfnm" style. So if we don't discuss until then, happy new year you all !! : )


  1. It is one of the most interesting comments I've read, and the truth.
    Great work and Great fun!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :-)

  2. Again super pictures, thank you

  3. I got so until my 17 - barebottomed, standing near wall, with spreading legs and arms up. However, instead her hand, Mom used leather belt. It was really hurt!

  4. L ado au tshirt vert et ceux de l'image face au mur et dans la chambre sont vraiments des ados stars ?

    1. Non, ils fantasment sur les pop-stars

  5. Ok Alex. As-tu Alex l'image seule de celle où il y a la femme et les 2 ados ? Celle de la 2ème photo sur les 3 réunies. Souvent il y a un mix de 3 photos très bien mais cachées en partie. Si tu pouvais me les envoyer ou les mettre ici. Si tu me les envoies par mail, c'est avec l'adresse mail de mon message que tu as reçu se terminant par Merci par avance.

    1. Désolé, les images floutées son réservées aux " VIP ".

      Pour info, elle n'est pas avec 2 ados, il y a la scène où elle le surprend en train de se... , et l'image où on le voit puni : )