Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Standing against depravity !

The year is ending, and my initial idea was to post something to underline the positive pictures and testimonies which appeared month after month in this Blog, in our fight for virtue. But unfortunately, sometimes it just looks like when you cut an Hydra head, another one appears in another place.

Half-naked Pop-stars: when the Evil takes a new mask !

So now these modern Pop-stars have the right to pervert young minds and we are just supposed to sit back? Everything is permitted just for the sake of winning market shares?
Obscenity is a kind of mind pollution and a social problem affecting the society at large.

This society could do well with a tiny bit more of morality!
While some youngsters know very well they are not allowed to have indecent pictures in their room and computer, they try to circumvent the ban with this new form of porn.
 In addition, our values are now tested with a new invasion of “Korean pop” and “J-Pop”. Why do you think our boys watch these musical videos and keep these pictures in their computers? Surely it's a new passion for music? Right...
Remember: “you must exercise authority, or the Devil will wreak havoc in your life and household”. Some persons supposedly in authority will get fooled, but some will not fortunately.

So soon I'll send to the mailbox of VIP readers of this Blog some examples of persons in authority who haven't gotten fooled. Some boys feel very, very sorry for falling into this!

Keep an eye open!

And I wish you all good luck in your preparations for Christmas!! : )


  1. Bonnes fêtes Alex et merci pour ces charmantes cartes de Noël !

    1. Bonnes fêtes Monsieur Rousseau ! : )

  2. I I were to donate now would I get past pictures too?

  3. Carla had just given her son about 50 swats with her hairbrush and has instructed the young man to stand in corner and think about what he had said and done....

    He has been in and out of jobs since graduating high school and stays with mum while looking for employment....she has told him that just because he’s no longer in high school doesn’t mean the rules have changed any, and since this was her house, she wasn’t about to take any sass from the young man....

    She’s president of her own company and has learned the need for structure and obedience in the work place and applied the same rules at home....

    To make it even more evident her rules needed to be followed, she created desktop wallpaper for his computer that contains signs reminding him there was no drinking, pot smoking, swearing and definitely no masturbation in her household....

    Coming home early she caught him playing with his penis in front of his computer and now standing in the corner, his penis locked up in a chastity tube, he thinks about what she said to him while administering his discipline....
    Between swats, she told him his little boy actions demonstrate he is still extremely immature and sex for him in the future will be when she decides to grant him some relief and that will amount to her supervising a masturbation session when she deems him more than once every two weeks and longer if he continues with some of his naughty ways....

    As he stands there, he just can’t imagine having to masturbate in front of his mother……did she really say that…..he hopes he heard wrong, but one look at her determined face and we know he’s in for some very humiliating sessions, if he wants some relief [chuckle]....

    1. Great!
      It reminds me an article I read in a newspaper in the end of the 80s, testimonies about the overworked teenagers in Japan. Some mothers were so obsessed in putting their son in the best conditions months before the exams, and how to deal with the high pressure, they could teach him self-relief over the sink and give a hand. Weird...

  4. However, on the photo is picture about forbiden masturbation. I think, boy was caught by mother and got good real spanking. Nevertheless, it's unfair. For teens masturbation is usual normal matter and parents have to to forbid or moreover punished sons for it.

  5. i was kept in a chastity tube from age was only taken off for bath or shower and i was locked up again straight after.