Saturday, December 29, 2012

Awkward moments in 1951 (Medical part 4)

After the War came the time of ambitious medical campaigns at large scale to evaluate and protect the youth. 

As you can see above, it wasn't necessary pleasant memories. The medical authority could keep you as long as they wanted to protect your health and the society against potential contagious diseases. The most simple way to make sure one would not leave without permission was obviously to keep his clothes away.
So if you didn't want to be kept a few days, you knew you had to be very obedient, just in case the staff was in a bad mood...

Boys in the 18-24 years old range were all examinated if they had applied for University (pictures below that I'll send to you dear VIP readers). For some boys in the 1950s, the very first medical visit also meant the very first direct contact with the opposite gender, which of course led to very awkward accidents... 

EDIT : I've posted in the comments section a story from " Buck Naked ", it puts well into words what is happening in these pictures and the atmosphere in these 1950s : )
(anyone else experiencing technical problems posting comments?)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Standing against depravity !! Part 2

Last week we have discussed the danger represented by these new half-naked indecent "Pop-stars"corrupting our society.
I told you I would give you some examples of responsible persons who don't get fool by the new face of Evil!

As we demonstrated many times here, the vast majority of eighteen years old boys, like the one above, don't have enough psychological maturity to cope with the sexual act with an adult woman anyway
But their hormones are often fooling them a second time by making them believe they can physically do it. This “pop-star” below is suggesting an indecent “from behind” position, and some boys may dream to be initiated by this tall, strong Woman. As we know, they fail to realize it's way more complicated in practice... ; )
Their teenage bodies are often too short and much to weak yet to do the “thing” properly... even in this position, how many pillows would most of them need to be same level? As pathetic as a mosquito trying to penetrate a siren... Jokes apart, protecting them from such disillusions is another reason – as if more was needed – to keep them away a few more years from this adult thing!
So to all VIP readers, these are examples of the right authority applied, it's in your mailbox for your personal collection within minutes. (Before I'm asked again what is a VIP, please go there. And yes you'll get more than twenty new pictures)
I may do an update to focus on the specific danger of "Korean pop idols", and I think the subject will be covered. But I guess from now I'm back on these black & white medical scenes, "cfnm" style. So if we don't discuss until then, happy new year you all !! : )

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Standing against depravity !

The year is ending, and my initial idea was to post something to underline the positive pictures and testimonies which appeared month after month in this Blog, in our fight for virtue. But unfortunately, sometimes it just looks like when you cut an Hydra head, another one appears in another place.

Half-naked Pop-stars: when the Evil takes a new mask !

So now these modern Pop-stars have the right to pervert young minds and we are just supposed to sit back? Everything is permitted just for the sake of winning market shares?
Obscenity is a kind of mind pollution and a social problem affecting the society at large.

This society could do well with a tiny bit more of morality!
While some youngsters know very well they are not allowed to have indecent pictures in their room and computer, they try to circumvent the ban with this new form of porn.
 In addition, our values are now tested with a new invasion of “Korean pop” and “J-Pop”. Why do you think our boys watch these musical videos and keep these pictures in their computers? Surely it's a new passion for music? Right...
Remember: “you must exercise authority, or the Devil will wreak havoc in your life and household”. Some persons supposedly in authority will get fooled, but some will not fortunately.

So soon I'll send to the mailbox of VIP readers of this Blog some examples of persons in authority who haven't gotten fooled. Some boys feel very, very sorry for falling into this!

Keep an eye open!

And I wish you all good luck in your preparations for Christmas!! : )

Monday, December 10, 2012

The medical visit, part 3

I believe the hospital is a theater full of awkward situations.

It's not only about this unfortunate nineteen-years old boy who is trying to look brave after his mother "convinced" him to cooperate...
It's the place where you must undress if front ot total strangers, show your intimate parts, discuss about intimate things... maybe you hated these moments too?
And believe me... once they are drinking in a pub, some nurses and Doctors are not exactly low-keyed with your stories ! : /

Hourrah! This week-end I've found a big virtual shoebox of hospital archive HQ pictures. So expect more about these moments, the medical visits at school, enemas like in the picture below...

So for the VIP readers, here are the pics you should get unblurred in 20 minutes in your mailbox. I have joined in this medical bunch another one : some unhappy parents teach their new babysitter how to change diapers properly. These damned students fake their resume and can't do the job  !!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's forced regression day

" A new address to leave your nineteen-years-old-rebel for the afternoon while you go shopping ! A little chat with our qualified staff at the entrance, and you can be assured you'll find a very obedient boy when you'll come back. Goodbye stress !! "

This is the Nannies With Fair Discipline franchise who already proposed to visit your home here . Such a success that they have now opened a day nursery down the street. Very convenient !

The " Forced bath in summer house " picture is a bonus for my VIP readers who stopped by there . It's in you mailbox in 2 minutes, so you should have 18 exclusive pics now. I think that one will be among your fave in your collection.
I must say I'm very happy with it. But if it is not to your liking, I'm open to suggestions !

Have a nice week-end everyone.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New artwork by Barbara O'Toole (Country Club Nurse)

I am so, so proud that Barbara O'Toole is a big fan of this Blog and my pictures. 
She is back at work and it is not good news for some shy boys : / I'm allowed to post her new sweet artwork here. Look at the whole composition, at these facial expressions and tell me who can do better on the World Wide Web? My personal answer is : no-one.
(although if you check some links on the right side of this blog, you'll see that "Red Rump" or "Underling" do very, VERY well in a different genre)

What is the exact storyline behind this picture? 
Well, have you say !

ps: I'm not giving Barb's personal e-mail, don't ask : )

ps2: I had some spare time and feel very inspired these days, again it's not good news for shy boys. I guess I'll post new pics on saturday, and the others the following week. As always some public, some private for the happy list of donators

Monday, November 26, 2012

Life starts at 65 !!

The elderly population... finally the time has come to indulge oneself in real fun!!

I've made this picture following a request I received last week: " We love roleplaying so I'm sure some of the pictures from your blog will make delicious opportunities for us in the future.  Ever think of adding in either enemas or strapon play? ".
The picture is far from perfect graphically, but I like it. Nice change and it still fit in the " embarrassing and fun " category isn't it?

Edit : you like this mature genre? Great collection at Sub Boys and Matures Ladies :

Friday, November 23, 2012

The day she cleared up a misunderstanding

Some people are naturally nice and generous with others. But the day they realized they got fooled, some can be symetrically as revengeful as they have been nice before. 
These two nephews will pay the heavy price for abusing their Aunt's kindness !!  
The higher the price of a life lesson, the more likely they are to remember it.


And again my favourite model in this punishment picture. I think it's one of my best graphically, she is contemplating the good job she has done. Don't you think facing mirror should be used more often during corner time? He must face himself half an hour if he doesn't want another round accross her lap. He can't see a "big boy" anymore!

The 3d picture is another OTK in progress. Mom is not asking their front-door neighbor to leave. Not as good as the mirror one graphically but a nice addition to your collection I think. 

It's in your Inbox in a few minutes, let me know if you haven't received them yet.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A la " Clothed Female Naked Male "

J. Tesker strikes again. Like me she likes to place eighteen years old or more models in the worst situations.

I asked her to describe this picture : " As for the story, I see this as taking place on a dark winter's evening. The young man has been caught stealing (again) and his stern no-nonsense mother did warn him there would be a "Severe punishment" after the last time if he ever took things that weren't his again. Yes the girls are his big sisters and are only too happy to watch their brother's shameful punishment. 'Serves him right' they think. As always feel free to put it on your excellent site. "

On a sidenote, the statistics of this blog say there are one or a few visitors from Mongolia who keep coming here every week. I think it's cool. Weather you are reading this from the suburbs of Ulaanbaatar or from a Yurt plugged with internet, I hope the pictures will warm up a bit your minus 20°C there. Cheers! : )

I'll post my new pics tomorrow : ) , some public, some for my "VIP" readers

Friday, November 16, 2012

The medical visit, part 2


Some "big boys" are afraid of a tiny needle, others have never been naked in front of a woman and are reluctant to undress. As if Doctors can afford to waste hours negociating !! Fortunately some mothers are always willing to give a helping hand.

Of course Barbara O'Toole had captured brillantly these familiar scenes before :

  Some pretty bonuses for my VIP-Business-Class readers who have donated something for a good cause. One picture is an accident similar to this one. The other is related to all you've heard about people masturbating who get stuck in something weird...Maybe like me you have friends who are Doctors or nurses. Or you are a Doctor or a nurse yourself.
It's in your box in a few minutes.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The triumphant eyes, part 2

    By popular demand, the woman with the triumphant look is back ! : )   
    Her smirk says "no pity". She has decided to use her natural skills by offering nanny/discipline services for the rebelious eighteen or twenty-something who don't respect your rules in your household : /

    As a bonus, a pic of Elizabeth Montgomery, I always wanted to do something with her. I think we all knew she was secretly spanking her hubby : ) I didn't edit much the original picture, I tried with a half-naked Darrin, but it was a bit gross. I don't want to touch too much our classics, even if it's just fantasy.

    And the 3d one on the right is simply what happens when you get caught red-handed in the panty drawer ! 

    All of you who already donated will get these 3 in your inbox now. Thank you, I'm getting a bit closer to the hell of embarrassement I told you about a week ago.

On a different note, this is lurker day : )
A good idea by Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts

"A lurker is a regular reader who doesn't comment or otherwise let their presence be known. As most bloggers know, lurkers represent the majority of our readership.

LOL Day provides an opportunity for these silent readers to speak. Perhaps they are shy. Maybe they think they have nothing to add. Or, possibly, they've been waiting to be invited. On LOL Day, we will issue that invitation. Bloggers are encouraged to interact with their readers. "

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New bunch of pictures !

Dear loyal followers,
I'm back !
I've been wondering what to do with these pages, it takes a lot of time to fill up.
I'd like to put some of the fantaisies here into practice, so maybe you can help sending your modest artist to a hell of embarrassement and fun ? A visit to a Mistress with similar passions would give me things to talk about afterward here...
As usual, the naked models have in common to be eighteen or more, and are experiencing a very, very difficult situation : /
So if you want to receive all the past private pictures and future updates as a "VIP", you need to make a donation of your choice by entering an amount in the top right of this page and click on "Hipay". I hope it is fair! Thank you for supporting these pages : )

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The triumphant eyes

" Just thought I could contribute to this Blog by proving how I've just achieved to take an irreversible advantage over my boyfriend this week. And a big kiss to my sister Megan who came just to take this pic !! 
Liz. "

Just married

The day her life changed drastically

( and his life too, but he doesn't know yet ! )

It's also a clin d'oeil to the inspiring pages of Strict Julie's blog, who was one of the first to " link " me. And her spontaneous comments such as for " As if he hadn't been warned..." sound so witty and familiar...
Anyway, cheers to all who add something sincere, dark and personal in the impersonal porn on the web !

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I sometimes have doubts that NOTHING can exceed the speed of light.
Just give a bit of very embarrassing information to some women (with the ritual condition “just between me and you right”, which seems just more exciting to some) and observe how fast it spreads in the neighborhood

I have noticed some pro-dommes propose “ public humiliation ”

I live just next to the best old bakery in this city, I go there almost everyday to buy some bread. I noticed the 2 young women who serve there. How patient they are with some grandmothers who take ages to order just to discuss more with the people there! How bored they sometimes look to repeat the same things 1000 times per day with a forced smile... And how they quickly exchange a look of complicity when someone they don't like enter the bakery, or when they hear something indiscrete between customers. Then I suspect how unpatient and cruel they can be when the customer leaves the place

Could I just pay a Pro domme who is very good at role play just to tell them a few words in my back?

She would be in the queue behind me. Just seconds after I leave she would say something like “ Oh my God!! Is this guy a regular customer here? (laughs) He lives in this street now? Really? No way!! I know him from University. He must be in his thirties now and is still virgin. He is sweet but he must be SO desperate. Just my two cents: if he tries to discuss a bit with you and smile just cut it out. (laughs) Believe me: better send him packing before he starts daydreaming and bores you to death. Yes this bread there please. Thank you. Byyyye ”

And from now on, everytime I'll go buy my bread, I'll see these 2 women exchanging a quick look and refraining from laughing ^^ , and they'll think I have no idea why.

How you hate it when people mock you or despise you in real life. But if it is something you provoke in a certain way, it looks so exciting. 
How bizarre.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Prolonging his agony

Remarkable scene from J. Tesker, who has kindly sent me her latest work for this blog

Don't you love these women expressions? 
They keep silent and don't exactly look in a hurry to shorten his agony... with his confused mumbling, things are going from bad to worse for this unfortunate boy, I'm afraid : /

Monday, September 3, 2012

Desperate reflex to hide that she was just spanked (corner time)

" Her loving but exasperated parents, their patience exhausted gave her a grand fessée on her bare derriere, much to the amusement and approval of the neighbours! None more so than the two sons 18 and 20 next door!
These boys were all to familiar with the spanking sounds-claq, claq, claq and by her vocal responses! They investigated and saw her naked with a rosy bottom in the window! That had been her Mothers inspirational idea-swapping corner time for 'window time'!
Unfortunately for them their Mum saw them and looked at them and said 'marvellous idea'! The boys cringed, fearing the worst! "

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The buzz around Embarrassing & Fun

It takes time to keep this page alive, but today I've decided to focus on the rewarding things :
  • This week-end we'll reach 400 000 pages viewed in total. You are people from all over the world but China. I never get a visitor from China. The USA easily wins the Olympics of kinkyness, followed by UK, Germany, Canada, France... Looks like I have loyal followers in Egypt, Israël, Jordania, The Emirates... and once a few from Syria ! Two hypothesis :  1) The positive hypothesis : some people in Syria want to escape from the daily roughness with an illustration of their sexual frustration. It's beautiful to have the possibility to open a window like this I think... Like the Miss Sarajevo lyrics in the U2 song «  Is there a time for kohl and lipstick / A time for cutting hair / Is there a time for high street shopping / To find the right dress to wear ? » Futility is beautiful... But I disgress. 2) The paranoïd hypothesis : because I had numerous arguments with some members of the Bachar El Assad fan-club on political forums, some of these guys decided to track my internet to check if I was linked with some non-gouvernemental organisation. (If you are reading me now : Hello !! :D Hope all this pink here will colour a bit your sad life)
  • Barbara O'Toole wrote to tell me just how much she enjoys this place. She has always been my main inspiration (alongside with things I've witnessed in real life), so I can tell you how much I value her encouragements. Good news : she has been bitten by the naughty bug again and is back to work. (sorry, I don't plan on giving to anyone her email or stuff, otherwise don't you think she would comment this blog with her real name instead of sending private messages?)
  • I enjoy your comments and the private discussions with all of you. I never had creepy messages, everything is interesting or fun... a big THANK YOU

    And now ? I have about a dozen artworks finished or almost finished. Some may even be a bit too deviant for this place, some really fit, some don't. Some are very good I think, some are average graphically... And after that I'm not too sure I'll be able to post as often. Google keeps returning me the same results and it's harder to find material to create good situations. So if you find interesting settings, models, attitudes, facial expressions... especially from the 50's era, please drop me a mail.
    I also plan on seing a Mistress to live some of the fantasy that is illustrated in this blog. The equation time/money is tight and I'm afraid I can only afford this trip to Paris once, so I'll have to choose the worst scenario possible I guess... There is also this public humiliation option that is tempting but scary. Not sure I'll even relate this experience here ! My secret world.
Cheers ! : )


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Never touched by a woman before ( Medical visit )

Aaron a reader from India has suggested me to explore a bit more the medical side. You know I try to please the loyal followers of this blog... 

To all the male readers, don't tell me you have never feared to have an "accident" while you were examined half-naked by the Doctor ; )
It's sometimes the first time a woman touches different parts of your body and it can be very awkward.
In the case of this 20 years old above, his Mom waiting to drive him back home doesn't help to ease the shame unfortunately... : /

I was inspired by this picture I had for years in a file. Any ideas who I can credit ? 

Friday, August 17, 2012

How to maintain good relations with neighbors

In August some families go back to their summer house.

Before he could understand what was happening his bluejean and panties were down his ankles : / 
It's a bit like the « Here and now » method I pictured months ago. Maybe you can also call this the « blitzkrieg » way of spanking ? Hmm...

It was an easy one to make. The boy pictured is eighteen, the woman is French, I wanted everything to remind me my past holidays. It's the nice period when everybody makes some efforts with the family next door to get the best holidays possible : ) Well in this case it was a bit at this boy's expense, but not everybody can win all the time...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A dangerous glance !

Maybe I had this Gil Elvren Pinup in mind when I did this artwork ?

Monday, August 6, 2012

HER " lost " swimsuit found in HIS bag

Dear loyal readers of this blog,

It's summertime here in Europe : ) , summer camps,  swim camps, training...

So many burning memories, but unfortunately not all are because of the sun : /

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New set of personal little dramas

J. Tesker is discret and has been quiet for a few months, but she told me to post these new great artworks on my page. It fits perfectly with the concept of this blog isn't it ?

Like me she takes models who are eighteen or more and put them in the worst situations imaginable. The kind of irreversible moments that'll leave forever the burning mark of shame somewhere in the psyche of these unfortunate boys   : / 

Her first set was posted here months ago, explore this blog a bit and you will find it again, lazy you.

Friday, July 27, 2012

As if he hadn't been warned...

One of the reasons why boys such as this unfortunate nineteen years old in the post below get into so much trouble...

Did he really think he could hide these offensive adult pictures under his bed and get away with it?

someone had to protect his innocence. Secondly, he had to pay the price for this disgusting objectification of Women!

Maybe he got some extra punishment for owning this very explicit page?

Why is it so difficult to respect some basic rules of morality?