Monday, May 27, 2013

Playing with MY rules

Beautiful Evilish look, isn't it? The pure joy to be in command and decide when and where it begins and stops.
For the lucky "VIPs" of this Blog, it comes with the pretty "Trapped forever" bonus :
Next bunch of pictures is almost done. Let's leave the cosiness of your house for the public areas of dozens of people witnessing your humiliation, if you agree. So the private pics will be at the beach and at the city's swimming pool, and I have yet to make one for non-VIPs, but I hope it will be done for next week-end.

Cheers !


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Who REALLY rules the couple ?

Another week-end... the Mother came to visit her daughter at coffee time... and she saw who really rules the couple !
The two other pictures are of higher definition : I've put the focus on faces, trying to capture the expression of deep shame and helplessness. It was quite interesting to do technically, and I think the result is very convincing.

Next update? I really don't know. My half-finished pictures are very different... we'll see !



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Careful when planning your holidays abroad

Of course this is NOT a proper update (I'll try to do it before this week-end). It's just that like most of you, I'm planning ahead my Summer holidays in Spring, and I've read stories on internet forums of people who had their holidays ruined by the customs or some foreign police. With a few scenes à la "Midnight Express". So I thought I would add this sweet illustration (because I feel for you, if you've made the effort to click toward this Blog, I want you to always leave with at least one pretty pic :).

I don't know for you, but there are some periods of your life when you don't think about sex-related things at all, and are a bit sick about it. So the last two weeks I didn't feed that Blog at all. But when the lust and kinkyness are back... it is back, you know what I mean. So I'm rolling my sleeves up to finish my half-made dozen pictures. As usual some will be public, some private, and I hope everybody will be happy.



Monday, May 6, 2013

Teaching the new generation of Ladies !

Pic 2: For the list of fans of this blog, you'll feel very sorry for this boy, he looks so ashamed it's painful.
The woman is telling him:
" You are embarrassing yourself and everybody here. Where is your family? I must talk to them now, you need to leave the beach. Maybe you'll come back in a few years when you'll be a bit less impressed by women, ok ? So let's go now, I'm following you... "
The seaside in summer is a place where boys can see women in such indecent clothes compared with what is considered acceptable the rest of the year. So for many unexperienced boys, it's a bit of a shock and very frustrating too. These damned speedo swimsuits are no help to hide nervousness! I just wanted to pointed out the cruelty of the world, even in a place often considered as idyllic. I have projects with people in wheelchair as well.
Since summer is coming (here in the Northern Hemisphere anyway) I want to do more scenes happening on the beach in the coming weeks.
Pic 3: The last one is called " Beyond pathetic ".
" Men can be so s
tupid when they are sexually desperate "... It was a bit of a new technical challenge for me, the goal of that picture was to capture the attitude and the eye of some women when they think " I didn't know it was possible to fall that low "... I hope I managed to do so. It's about having to take care of a 38 years old man, slightly disabled, at home...