Sunday, November 20, 2016

A study on Humiliation during the 20th Century

Early 1950s, 60s, early 70s, late 80s... at least, a few minutes of complete humiliation seems to be forever, and stops the run of time. I feel intimately like these moments live pour toujours somewhere in another dimension. It's kind of comforting I think, as this ever-moving time seems to only leads to death... when I just wish to freeze the clock just for one day.

So my dear VIPs (hello and thank you to the new ones! : ) will get the bonus pictures. At some point I thought it would be all-medical, but there is only one of this kind (but a special one, eh? :)  All is F/m, sometimes CFNM.
Thank you to John Wilkins for sometimes correcting my broken English on these pictures.

Also, thank you so much all VIPs for the little contributions, thank you Barb for inspiring me, thank you all viewers for... enjoying, and for the comments from time to time!



Friday, November 18, 2016

This week-end humiliation pics

This is little teaser before this week-end, to cheer up a bit your rainy autumn day, until then.
This week-end I'll post the text behind this scene. There will also be the original colour version of it for my VIPs.
+ one more public picture
+ 2 or 3 more private pictures
The 50s, late 60s, 80s eras are covered
 Already feeling a bit better? : )
See you Saturday or Sunday, 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Some news from the Spankosphere (Julie)

I am not alone in the Spankosphere. There is of course Barbara and her wonderful pictures. There are also a few passionated people keeping a Blog (all linked on the right) who are my companions on this bittersweet oddssey.

For example, Julie is the Canadian woman with an incredible imagination when it comes to tourment her hubby. Sometimes I feel my imagination is over-pervy, and when I read her articles I think "ah ok, I'm not alone" then : )
Well it looks like it's finally TIME TO PAY BACK FOR HER
As she will be paddled tomorrow!
That's Julie's bum before

Very soon we'll see it after
Thrilling eh?
(something similar may very well happen to me in London next month, I'm scared too)

On a different note, still working on the new update, it looks pretty much like it will be a "retro medical cfnm" one : )

So when you think I'm slow uploading new creations here, just read my friend's pervy adventures, and time will go faster : )