Thursday, February 20, 2014

Passing the flame to the next generation (and other embarrassing scenes)

How comforting to check that her niece is the one who has ABSOLUTE CONTROL in her couple, and pass her some practical tips !!
Again in this Blog, let's go back in time. Are these sisters in law VERY bossy, or just plain sadistic ? A week-end when the parents are away may help to see clearer.
For your collection, I have added the Old couple of lesbians, which is the following of Life starts at 65 . This time, this unfortunate nineteen years old will have no choice buy satisfy this pervy couple for the whole summer !
The high quality colour picture this month is the Scary waiting room. It's a return to the medical genre, and it's a return to women in trouble. Which is a good transition to the next set of pictures, which will be F/f only as requested by a VIP. 2 pictures are already done, so something may come out at the end of this week-end.

Enjoy !