Monday, September 30, 2019

Unfairness, fear, taboo, embarrassment

Where has the summer gone??
I shouldn't make plans and annoncements about updates after all, one never knows what life will be about.
Anyway!! : ) I'm very happy to share my five last creations. I wish it will inspire you, like it does to me. CFNM, fear (the boy waiting for his turn) ,diapering, spanking...
" and follow me to where the real fun is ", like one famous artist sang.

I hope there will be an update before Halloween, but if not, enjoy even more :

My favourite picture I think, quite taboo/unusual. It's not the public picture this time, but at least I'll share the scary story :

Thank you J.Wilkins.
On another note, something tells me that Barbara O'Toole's update is next door.
Bad news for big boys probably, but good news for us!