Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Merci !!

What a busy September month this is...

But in October, I should have more time, and you'll see my usual public and private pictures popping up !
I have so many half-finished pictures in my folders... : /
Thank you for your patience, especially you VIPs

On a sidenote, this Blog now has ONE MILLION pages viewed !!
You are visiting even when I'm not updating it... so thank you for sharing my special kinkyness, and for supporting these pages 

Soon !


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Evil magazine found at home !! ( and other very embarrassing moments )

Because the new improvements of the printing industry allow realistic pictures in every magazines, some unmarried boys may see much more than they should normally, like naked legs FAR over the knee level. But some respectable families will not let their household being perverted this easily !
 And the bonus for the VIP of this Blog are...
- by popular demand, another picture like Adult infantilized, it's called The cruel Au Pair, about Agnieszka dealing with John, 19 years old, in the hot summer of Atlanta. (technically it's the pic I'm the most proud of this week, you'll let me know what you think)
- Busted posting naked pics of Mom is what you may find on a " MILF " message board. It's fun, until Mom finds out and is (understandably) furious. She may remember what her grandparents told her about the hairbrush being horribly efficient at teaching a lesson for life...
(As usual, all naked / spanked models are 18, or more. Which may be even worse for them, when you think of it)

- Because of your donations when becoming VIP (thank you!), I can order some pretty vintage adult magazines on Ebay. The least I can do is to scan the best pictures and send them alongside the pics above to your mailbox.