Saturday, March 31, 2018

Barbara O'Toole - NEW portfolio 14 !!

The new wonderful set is available! : )  

Somehow to remember me that Barb is more successful than me these days. I can't finish this new set (but I'm working on it again this week-end).

" Standards and practices " is my fave I think. The two worrying kids watching a maternal spanking scene in a garden on TV. I love the look of the laughing mother (not framed in this thumbnail), it looks premonitory...

To make a donation and add these 10 new great pieces to your collection, just write directly to her :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

new private pictures for my VIPs this week-end, no matter what : )


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Your OTK ( is coming soon )


Just to let you know that I had fun this week-end creating my typical deviant / bittersweet pictures.
Looks like the theme these days is: naked over-the-knee and young witnesses.
It's a bit early to share it now, but I'm confident it will be in your mailbox around next week-end. 

It looks like my motivation is always " imagine the worst situation ever ". This is what got me excited, not sure if this is pathetic or a good sign if my own pictures excited me like this ^^

Anyway, talk to you soon

EDIT: Dammit, can't make it on time! I want to re-work a few things. But hopefully it means one picture more. Sorry for this : )