Sunday, August 4, 2013

A little motivational talk...

I think I had the idea while listening this 80s song : 

" Somebody told me,
"Boy, everything she wants is everything she sees..."
I guess I must have loved you.
'Cause I said you were the perfect girl for me,
But now we're six months older...
And everything you want and everything you see,
Is out of reach...not good enough...
I don't know what the hell you want from me "

It's kind of a guilty pleasure for me, but' let's face it... I love this song and weird video !

And the bonus picture is The bossy Latino mother at beach, " Clothed Females Naked Man " genre.
Her nineteen years old boy acted immature, so he will play naked the rest of the afternoon like any children on the beach!!

If it's not in your mailbox in 10 minutes, spank me.



EDIT : I'm away from computers until this Sunday 18th, if I don't come back to you until Sunday, no panic ! : )