Saturday, March 30, 2013

Manor House

" The noise may echo much in the corridors of this old manor house, I hope the rest of the staff doesn't mind ? "

It comes with the bonus " Las hermanitas " for the fans of this Blog : )



Saturday, March 23, 2013

I've maids a difference

  • Not sure who asked me once to make a picture with her. Don't you think it would spice up the TV program if she had a little bit more freedom of action?
  • Feel free to share this in our pretty spankosphere, this is why it was made : ) But, BUT, can you just not cut or erase my signature please? Someone suggested me to add a “watermark”, and leave it unspoiled for my VIPs only... don't want to be forced to do this.
    By contrast, thank you Bitter Sky Blue for crediting me : ) This Tumblr page and its "door that swings both ways" have much to please my friends I guess.
  • Next week I'll post the “Women in trouble” pics I was referring Wednesday. As usual one public and some privates. Father and daughters, maids again...
Alex (not Polizzi;)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Forced regression kills rebellion !! - Part 2

" Now in 1955, youngsters have no idea what respect is. Where does this damned rebellion come from? This evil Rock n'Roll music maybe? So we have given our trusted Governess full latitude to punish when necessary. Scolding, hairbrush spanking, embarrassment... what she does in the mansion upstairs with our nineteen-years-old kid is not our business, as long as he comes down with a much better attitude !! "

Since I was in the 1950s retro mood (again), it comes with a bonus of the same kind for the fans of this Blog, check your mailbox :

Next update... is done aldready!  But I'm not posting everything at once, I prefer to give you a few days to enjoy and appreciate these 2 pics, it took time to make them...
So in next update, women are in trouble... it's only justice after all

Friday, March 15, 2013

Retro hospital, retro housewife, retro school

If like me, you have people who work at hospital as friends, or if you are a nurse or Doctor yourself, you know this is a pretty common case unfortunately...
So, for once this is a serious warning if you are a desperate/virgin boy who reads this Blog, do NOT try this at home! Some vacuum cleaners actually have blades and it can really hurt. Enjoy this picture if it is your kink, but it should not inspire you to try such foolish things.

(yes, I feel concern these pages do more good than bad to you!)

Do I really need to explain what this picture called " the Old School way " is about? This blog has many interesting testimonies about these old days in the comments sections.
I've added one desperate housewife in action too, because I know many of us have fantasized about this ; )

For the fans of this Blog, it's in your mailbox once I've finished this entry.

Next update ? I still have this damned "Waiting for her turn - Part 2 " to finish, but I got distracted doing this interesting lot of retro pics !

Cheers ! 


Friday, March 1, 2013

New pics : regression / school 1956 / aerobic !

1) It's risky to play the obnoxious teen, especially when his elegant Mom has spotted a " changing facilities " sign on the motorway rest area !!

2) School archives declassified: you know you can always find a few gems in a pile of old pictures

3) I was impressed by some over muscular women recently, it lead to this fantasy. 
I'm not totally satisfied with the picture technically: the skin tones, the shadows... I didn't feel to work on this one extra hours like for "Wicked Angel" for example. But I think you'll get the idea, and it's hot nonetheless : )

Next update: not sure yet about the whole theme, but it looks like there will be a new episode of " Waiting for her turn " in the lot !
Have a nice week-end everybody