Thursday, October 22, 2020

BARB's exciting Portfolio #24, + E & Fun update to come !!


Hello there!
I hope you are taking good care of you, in this difficult year in many ways.

Many of you have written to me directly since last time, worried that this Blog is dying. 

No, it's not : ) . 

A clear, positive answer. 
Because I love this special universe as you do : )  Sometimes I may have to take some distance and deal with some stuff in real life, but look, I just love to come back to this cocoon. 

So what do we have today? 
First, a brillant new set by Barbara O'Toole. 

The models (including the less fortunate ones), are very beautiful, and very next-door at the same time.

- I like the boy punished right away by his stern mother because he presumably had a look at "Penthouse" or " Cavalier" in the store.
It has this sublte retro touch. Back in this era when it was the only possibility to see (half-)naked women.

- And the forced regression scene, it always work for me...
- For those who already own this set already, I love the outraged Lady on "Boys will be boys" too, the one holding the table-tennis paddle.
I'm always interested to know what are your faves (or less faves) : ) Don't hesitate to comment .
As usual,  you can add this set to your collection if you write directly to : 
b_o2l AT

As for my pictures specifically...
The update may be up this Sunday or the weekend after : ) 
Here is another teaser, I've just made it a few minutes ago. There are actually more new pictures involved, but you'll get the idea :

The idea is indeed to do what I like the most again.

Since then, enjoy Barb's pictures!