Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Barbara O'Toole's new portfolio 26 !!


SO beautiful. Always a real pleasure to discover these new embarrassing scenes : )
- Alabama Swimming Hole is a promising title isn't it? As an European, I don't have all the cultural references regarding each States. I will now have an exciting cliché stucked in my mind on what Alabama could be. But I certainly don't need to be an American to appreciate the attention to details in this scene, full of very strong "Mamas" and "Rednecks" ^^
- Daddy's Babbysitter suggests quite a weird scene, and it is. It makes me feel quite uncomfortable (which is nice somehow). I feel it is sometimes more than just erotic pictures, like these pieces of art in a modern art museum, they are a bit disturbing and it makes you question the roles in society and yourself. 
- What a malicious /beautiful smirk on the The Ladies Will Have To Wait. I loove it (the young boy a bit less presumably, huhu).
- But my favorite this time could well be A Mother's Treatment. What a perfect Doctor chosen to be in this scene. The full nudity and horrible excitment of the boy, the "treatment" to come... I keep coming back to this picture again after I've seen the portfolio, it must a sign. 

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And I guess next round it will be my pictures again.