Sunday, June 29, 2014

The various torments of a man ( pain, humiliation, frustration and anguish )

Very unfortunate farmboy is self explanatory...

The retro CFNM picture is called Soap also washes away pride

The text below Summer agony is not mine, it's from a mate on the Net who wanted to express his anguish and souvenirs as a 24-years-old-skinny-pale-geek-and-still-virgin. I've made the picture that puts into light his secret torments.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The complete Barbara O'Toole's collection

Like die-hard stamp collectors (or soccer Panini stickers, in this period of World Cup), people want to make sure they own every pictures from the beautiful Barb's collection. 
Barb and her hubby have sent me something that will serve as a reference. Now you know what pictures you already own, and also which are the missing ones you will dream about before you fall asleep.

But it doesn't include the 2 new sets of pictures mentioned in this Blog weeks ago.

(and yes, I realize the last update was 3 weeks ago, I'm still working on some private material. From now on I'll have more time than the past 2 weeks )

EDIT: my new set will be ready sometimes this week-end, 1 public picture, 2 or 3 new pictures for VIPs  : )

Cheers !


Monday, June 2, 2014

Public shame and other families' stories

What are these blurred pictures above about? 
Because some VIPs have requested to me a picture like this old private CFNM one...
...I've just made The Appropriate punishment for a young lurker. Again, a 18 years old boy has acted immature, and as a result the furious mother forcefully depants her son in just a few seconds, so that he'll spend the rest of the afternoon naked like all the children on the beach : ) Time to build a sandcastle (and better hide inside).

Useless little bird is my sincere concern for handicapped people who totally depends on others. I've heard that some relatives tend to "angelify" the person born disabled and deny his sexuality. This is not my text, but it perfectly fits with what I had in mind when I've made this picture :

« My poor cousin... you sure can't help having "little accidents" 
whenever we bathe you. Or is it because we can see your peepee? 
You probably don't mean it but it's so cute thought! I really felt 
sad when Aunty explained that your little bird would probably 
never get to feel a pussy. You might as well take a vow of chastity 
and save it for God cause you'll stay a virgin forever. But look at 
the bright side of it, you'll always have someone to take care 
of you. Comme on now! Stop fussing and show us your other 
ear so we can get you all cleaned up for bedtime ».
So enjoy this new bunch of pictures...