Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I was tempted to name this scene " The Terrible Towel ", in case there are a few Pittsburgh Steelers fans among you. 

But instead I named it " Stripped ", which may please the Depeche Mode fans. 
( The chorus says metaphorically " Let me see you stripped down to the booone... " )

Sunday, April 13, 2014



If you follow this Blog, you already know The neighbour's daughter - 1969 -, but you didn't know the story behind it ! Fortunately J. Wilkins was around and can pass on the memory

You'll also find in your mailbox The Siren and the desperate 24 years old virgin , a modern tale you will witness a lot on your seaside this summer, if you pay attention.

Have you seen in the women's press the offer for the book " Back to the basics "  updated with chapers " no more warnings " and " in public " ? I have included the best customer review, with an excerpt of the said chapter " in public ". So helpful, no wonder it's a besteller.

The last picture, One tough decision, is in the private bunch because you know Embarrassing & Fun has values, therefore we don't want to show frontal nude to the most sensible people. It is the smallest willy in the campus, maybe the smallest willy in the world, but it still count as a penis somehow. For the Lady it's hard not to run away laughing hysterically indeed.

I'm already working on the 2 next updates, which could be very different. Right now I'm inbeween a come-back to Medieval, and some tourists in trouble in Africa... we'll see !

Cheers !