Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New artwork by Barbara O'Toole (Country Club Nurse)

I am so, so proud that Barbara O'Toole is a big fan of this Blog and my pictures. 
She is back at work and it is not good news for some shy boys : / I'm allowed to post her new sweet artwork here. Look at the whole composition, at these facial expressions and tell me who can do better on the World Wide Web? My personal answer is : no-one.
(although if you check some links on the right side of this blog, you'll see that "Red Rump" or "Underling" do very, VERY well in a different genre)

What is the exact storyline behind this picture? 
Well, have you say !

ps: I'm not giving Barb's personal e-mail, don't ask : )

ps2: I had some spare time and feel very inspired these days, again it's not good news for shy boys. I guess I'll post new pics on saturday, and the others the following week. As always some public, some private for the happy list of donators

Monday, November 26, 2012

Life starts at 65 !!

The elderly population... finally the time has come to indulge oneself in real fun!!

I've made this picture following a request I received last week: " We love roleplaying so I'm sure some of the pictures from your blog will make delicious opportunities for us in the future.  Ever think of adding in either enemas or strapon play? ".
The picture is far from perfect graphically, but I like it. Nice change and it still fit in the " embarrassing and fun " category isn't it?

Edit : you like this mature genre? Great collection at Sub Boys and Matures Ladies :

Friday, November 23, 2012

The day she cleared up a misunderstanding

Some people are naturally nice and generous with others. But the day they realized they got fooled, some can be symetrically as revengeful as they have been nice before. 
These two nephews will pay the heavy price for abusing their Aunt's kindness !!  
The higher the price of a life lesson, the more likely they are to remember it.


And again my favourite model in this punishment picture. I think it's one of my best graphically, she is contemplating the good job she has done. Don't you think facing mirror should be used more often during corner time? He must face himself half an hour if he doesn't want another round accross her lap. He can't see a "big boy" anymore!

The 3d picture is another OTK in progress. Mom is not asking their front-door neighbor to leave. Not as good as the mirror one graphically but a nice addition to your collection I think. 

It's in your Inbox in a few minutes, let me know if you haven't received them yet.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A la " Clothed Female Naked Male "

J. Tesker strikes again. Like me she likes to place eighteen years old or more models in the worst situations.

I asked her to describe this picture : " As for the story, I see this as taking place on a dark winter's evening. The young man has been caught stealing (again) and his stern no-nonsense mother did warn him there would be a "Severe punishment" after the last time if he ever took things that weren't his again. Yes the girls are his big sisters and are only too happy to watch their brother's shameful punishment. 'Serves him right' they think. As always feel free to put it on your excellent site. "

On a sidenote, the statistics of this blog say there are one or a few visitors from Mongolia who keep coming here every week. I think it's cool. Weather you are reading this from the suburbs of Ulaanbaatar or from a Yurt plugged with internet, I hope the pictures will warm up a bit your minus 20°C there. Cheers! : )

I'll post my new pics tomorrow : ) , some public, some for my "VIP" readers

Friday, November 16, 2012

The medical visit, part 2


Some "big boys" are afraid of a tiny needle, others have never been naked in front of a woman and are reluctant to undress. As if Doctors can afford to waste hours negociating !! Fortunately some mothers are always willing to give a helping hand.

Of course Barbara O'Toole had captured brillantly these familiar scenes before :

  Some pretty bonuses for my VIP-Business-Class readers who have donated something for a good cause. One picture is an accident similar to this one. The other is related to all you've heard about people masturbating who get stuck in something weird...Maybe like me you have friends who are Doctors or nurses. Or you are a Doctor or a nurse yourself.
It's in your box in a few minutes.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The triumphant eyes, part 2

    By popular demand, the woman with the triumphant look is back ! : )   
    Her smirk says "no pity". She has decided to use her natural skills by offering nanny/discipline services for the rebelious eighteen or twenty-something who don't respect your rules in your household : /

    As a bonus, a pic of Elizabeth Montgomery, I always wanted to do something with her. I think we all knew she was secretly spanking her hubby : ) I didn't edit much the original picture, I tried with a half-naked Darrin, but it was a bit gross. I don't want to touch too much our classics, even if it's just fantasy.

    And the 3d one on the right is simply what happens when you get caught red-handed in the panty drawer ! 

    All of you who already donated will get these 3 in your inbox now. Thank you, I'm getting a bit closer to the hell of embarrassement I told you about a week ago.

On a different note, this is lurker day : )
A good idea by Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts

"A lurker is a regular reader who doesn't comment or otherwise let their presence be known. As most bloggers know, lurkers represent the majority of our readership.

LOL Day provides an opportunity for these silent readers to speak. Perhaps they are shy. Maybe they think they have nothing to add. Or, possibly, they've been waiting to be invited. On LOL Day, we will issue that invitation. Bloggers are encouraged to interact with their readers. "

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New bunch of pictures !

Dear loyal followers,
I'm back !
I've been wondering what to do with these pages, it takes a lot of time to fill up.
I'd like to put some of the fantaisies here into practice, so maybe you can help sending your modest artist to a hell of embarrassement and fun ? A visit to a Mistress with similar passions would give me things to talk about afterward here...
As usual, the naked models have in common to be eighteen or more, and are experiencing a very, very difficult situation : /
So if you want to receive all the past private pictures and future updates as a "VIP", you need to make a donation of your choice by entering an amount in the top right of this page and click on "Hipay". I hope it is fair! Thank you for supporting these pages : )