Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The forbidden Rock n'Roll party (women in big trouble update)

Did I say it before? I say it again : I LOVE the 1950s, it screams spanking
For the VIPs, it comes with these 2 bonus :
-> Attitude adjustment deals with one of my favorite theme: a girl who imagined she would magically escape any form of punishments because she turned eighteen. But when you act immature, be prepared for a childish punishment!  
" Yes, I said on the bare too. If it is so shameful to you, better think about not being punished again. Save your tears for the actual spanking ! "
-> Waiting for their turn - Boarding school is probably the best of all 3 technically. Like the 2 other pictures I focus on facial expressions, shame and fear, not hardcore scenes.

Next update? Looks like " Women un big trouble " again, or " Medical ". Or... I don't know. Let's see what comes out from the hat !



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Co-workers 1973 (so difficult to hide his emotions)

When the young accountant at the underwear company joins his co-workers at the annual marketing exhibition, it's a bit of a shock !

For you VIPs, I've joined two pictures in high resolution that helped me make the picture above. It's from magazines I've ordered on Ebay thanks to your donations, so it's just another way to give you the return.


The thing is, this week I've been working on a " women in big trouble " update, not men. And then I started making the picture above to make a break... I guess you'll have the " women in trouble " next week instead : )

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Never touched by a woman before - RETRO version ( medical part 10 )

So the holidays are over, let's start a new year making very embarrassing pictures !
This picture may remind you this one.

You " VIPs" will find in your mailbox these 2 bonus :
-> The original version of the picture above, with the boy fully naked. I think both are interesting in a different way.
-> Wars, stupid brawls down your street... don't you think the world would be more peaceful with a bit less testosterone? 
" Along with all the vaccines that must be done before your son reaches twenty, you can now ask for a monthly injection of Neutrosterone (R) to minimize the wrong effects of testosterone such as agressivity and rebellion. To fully neutralize the hormones, the injection is done into the testicles."