Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A little glimpse of what 2020 will be about : )

Looking back, I'm (very) happy with my creations this year. There are just not as many as a few years ago, but I don't want to share new pictures that I don't like or don't mean something for me

The past weeks I've been trying to create more on the theme of isolation and male frustation, like the cruel youth mocking the men who can't have access to pleasure and beauty. Society creates many people who are out of the game and I'd like to mirror that in my next pictures, in a very cruel way

Unfortunately I wasn't very satisfied with my last tries, so I'm back to other genres I personaly enjoy like matriarchy. The bit of picture above (a very unfortunate old teen regressed in his bedroom) gives you an idea of what you will find next 

If you've been a fan of my artworks (and Barb O'Toole), you know you need to be patient sometimes, but eventually you'll find a good suprise in your mailbox ; )

Thank you everyone for understanding the job I'm doing, It's good to know some people are on the same special kinky page
I wish you all the best in the comings days, whether you are alone, with your friends or your family

And we'll talk more again in 2020 ; )