Wednesday, February 24, 2021

NEW Barbara O'Tool's pictures #25


I was wondering if this time, my update would be ready before Barbara's. And guess what? Someone again worked better !

I love " Before the concert ", because I can see myself in this picture. I remember the excitment of dressing up before my very first concert. Rock music is often a passover ritual, an act of faith to escape from Mom's hands. It is ironic and very cruel that Mom's hands were that close to him at this very moment. 

But my favorite this time may be   " Mosquito Bites " .  Somehow Barb's picture reminds me of mine :   The Ice Cream Disaster (sorry it is a private picture, but I've let John Wilkins' text public, so you get the idea). 
In general, I think the scenes happening in a park are among the best, either her pictures or mine. Public embarrasment really means something there. It's a familiar and quiet area, with people from your own family to perfect strangers, and inbetween there are people you half-know and may see again someday. And you are just not sure what is worse... 

What's yours? Feel free to comment below 

And as usual, if you are wondering how to add these 10 new pieces full quality/size to your collection, just write directly to her :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

Enjoy Spring coming up!! : )