Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Barbara O'Toole's portfolio 22

No lockdown for such pretty scenes of human dramas, Barbara's new wonderful art is out : )
Again much attention on the choice of characters, their attitude and facial expression... 
Especially on the " Soccer Mom ". So many characters with a different attitude on the background. The addition of all details creates a whole credible scene where it's easy to understand what just  happened (I'm currently trying to create something similar in a public swimming pool. Not easy, but still working on it).

By contrast, I also appreciate the simplicity of  " Same Time Tomorrow ", with a very young babysitter offerering her (cruel) services.
But my favorite may be " Dorm Room Inspection ". The rebel boys have been collecting too many reasons to see that horrible day coming

What is your favorite this time?
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Looks like it is already my turn to post my new pictures here !
Thank you Barbara for giving me inspiration

Take care you all !