Friday, December 16, 2016

NEW Barbara O'Toole scenes ( CFNM, spanking...)

Again, I had the honour and pleasure to see these new bittersweet pictures before you all : )  A very good treat for keeping up these pages and spending hours creating my own artworks. This is justice, so don't be jealous please.

The teaser above show partly the original pictures, and are obviously very blurry compared to the originals. But I can describe a bit what is happening in these scenes. 
There are interesting new ideas compared with the other series (*AleX, take notes please!) 
--> the furious sport teacher entering in the boys' lockroom (of course, the door forgot to close before the schoolgirls' eyes). And what does she have in her hand?
--> the boy taking a picture of his supposed impressive penis, right when the family is entering the room. This a good ironic artwork about the " selfie " obsession that is flooding the internet. And regarding these intimate pictures, I guess millions and millions of such pictures have been taken already, so statistically this horrible accident must have happened a few times, at the exact moment when the picture was taken. Except we didn't have the picture until now : )
--> the very young girl learning to spank the very old man
--> the scenes at the beach and swimming pool (the one-piece swimsuit is a fetish of mine)
Personally what I appreciate the most is the casting of female characters, so next-door, and attractive in a bizarre way at the same time. I can gaze for minutes at the accuracy of facial expressions of anger or mockery.
And all this is motivating me to go back to work and create more of course!
Anyway, these pictures are yours if you send a kind message to Barbara, who will tell you how to make the little donation :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

Thank you for supporting her unique subtile embarrassing art, in an Internet full of tacky porn : )

Ok, I better go back working on new artworks myself. Have a nice week-end, good luck with the arrival of winter. Keep watching these pictures at home, it will protect you from the cold!


Sunday, November 20, 2016

A study on Humiliation during the 20th Century

Early 1950s, 60s, early 70s, late 80s... at least, a few minutes of complete humiliation seems to be forever, and stops the run of time. I feel intimately like these moments live pour toujours somewhere in another dimension. It's kind of comforting I think, as this ever-moving time seems to only leads to death... when I just wish to freeze the clock just for one day.

So my dear VIPs (hello and thank you to the new ones! : ) will get the bonus pictures. At some point I thought it would be all-medical, but there is only one of this kind (but a special one, eh? :)  All is F/m, sometimes CFNM.
Thank you to John Wilkins for sometimes correcting my broken English on these pictures.

Also, thank you so much all VIPs for the little contributions, thank you Barb for inspiring me, thank you all viewers for... enjoying, and for the comments from time to time!



Friday, November 18, 2016

This week-end humiliation pics

This is little teaser before this week-end, to cheer up a bit your rainy autumn day, until then.
This week-end I'll post the text behind this scene. There will also be the original colour version of it for my VIPs.
+ one more public picture
+ 2 or 3 more private pictures
The 50s, late 60s, 80s eras are covered
 Already feeling a bit better? : )
See you Saturday or Sunday, 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Some news from the Spankosphere (Julie)

I am not alone in the Spankosphere. There is of course Barbara and her wonderful pictures. There are also a few passionated people keeping a Blog (all linked on the right) who are my companions on this bittersweet oddssey.

For example, Julie is the Canadian woman with an incredible imagination when it comes to tourment her hubby. Sometimes I feel my imagination is over-pervy, and when I read her articles I think "ah ok, I'm not alone" then : )
Well it looks like it's finally TIME TO PAY BACK FOR HER
As she will be paddled tomorrow!
That's Julie's bum before

Very soon we'll see it after
Thrilling eh?
(something similar may very well happen to me in London next month, I'm scared too)

On a different note, still working on the new update, it looks pretty much like it will be a "retro medical cfnm" one : )

So when you think I'm slow uploading new creations here, just read my friend's pervy adventures, and time will go faster : )

Friday, October 14, 2016

Barb O'Toole Autumn 2016 collection !!

Autumn: falling leaves, beautiful light and colors, nostalgia... and bittersweetness.
I'm very pleased to introduce these 10 new pieces by Barbara O'Toole!

Support her work and indulge yourself with these exquisite pieces. Just write directly to : 
 b_o2l AT yahoo com
The teaser above just show a limited view of these pictures, they come with a much better definition obviously. 
I had the pleasure to discover them before you (I know, I'm spoiled), personally I really like how some women models look both very attractive and common. Barb is the best for this. (And of course I like the authority and shame in these situations, because admit it: if you are reading this, you are a bit pervy like me. It's ok don't worry.)

Next update will be with my pictures, some public, some for VIPs only.

Monday, October 3, 2016

More on matriarchy (an endless subject!)

Not much description and talk is needed about these 4 pictures, you know this place now... I just wanted to let you know that I feel ready for another autumn/winter of creating embarrassing and bad taste pictures : ) This must be the reason behind shorter days and long week-ends at home hiding from the cold : they are made for introspection, and for me it means exploring the kinky and dark corners of my imagination...

You VIP will receive these 2 additional pictures in a few minutes.

Cheers !


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Latino Governess vs Evil masturbation

Rosa Maria Velasquez wasn't given the job of Head Governess ONLY because she was reliable and responsible. She also had the same high moral values as Eric's Mother, and an exceptional hand that granted her a scary reputation as a merciless spanker. What the HELL was this indecent swimwear catalogue doing under Eric's bed?? Time to confess...

(as usual, some extra bonus for my dear VIPs, like this picture in better resolution, the said swimwear picture that caused Eric so much trouble...) 

Have a nice day,


Thursday, June 9, 2016

NEW Barbara O'Toole's works " SPANKING SPECIAL "

This new set simply reminds me why Barbara is my number 1 source of inspiration. 
She is the Mistress of bittersweetness. A world of pain and shame looking so familiar and subtile. 

I am proud she has chosen this place to make announcements when she has new works ready.
To know how much it is to add these 10 pieces to your collection, just write directly to : 
 b_o2l AT yahoo com
Thank you for your support anyway, and so to encourage her to find the time to create others. 

To me it looks unique. I personally think people in 50 years will consider her whole collection as a cultural reference of its time, just like Norman Rockwell's pin ups. 

On a sidenote, my new private set (including "Hand speech", see text below) should be ready next week-end.



Friday, June 3, 2016

Teaser for " Hand Speech " artwork

The next update is almost ready! Below is the brillant text our friend J. Wilkins has written for the " Hand speech " artwork (to be precise, there are two pictures in this artwork). I am not sure yet if it will be the public picture on this Blog, but at least you have the text.
Soon... until I'm finished working on the different artworks

June 12 2015
Dear Diary

Today was definitely the last straw. I’m so over this shit now. Who the fuck does she think she is charging into my room like some fucking prison warden. What music I listen to and what I do with my clothes is my own godammn bizness. Why would I buy fucking ripped jeans when I can rip them myself, duh! Next time she tries that shit tho, I’m having none of it. Just like the singer of Grizzly Dodo always says/screams- “Drop out! Tune in! And flip the world a fuckin dodo bird!” Well maybe I won’t flip her the bird lol! Maybe the old ‘talk to the hand’ will do the trick. Anyway, I can feel it. Tomorrow the shackles come off!
XOXO @lostFaith  
June 13 2015
Dear Diary
Today I have been a very stupid girl. Momma was not interested in talking to my hand. It was her hand that did all the talking. I am sorry that I wrote all those horrible things about her yesterday. She is only trying to make sure I grow into a proper young lady. From now on I will always listen to and obey Momma. She says that I could become a journalist one day but I need to tighten up my punctuation and stop making wilful spelling errors. Momma will now check not only my homework but all of my texts to make sure my grammar is acceptable. She will also check you diary. She said that if I had any complaints my bottom can have another talk with her hand. Goodbye Diary.
Yours Sincerely
Faith Ann Martha Robinson

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Picnic tragedies ( CFNM )

First retro picture will remind you the last update a few days ago (with additional spanking ; )

 The second (private) picture is... have you heard about these "shame signs"? Authorities (parents, the Court, the Police) may force someone to hold a sign describing his offence in a public place. Examples :

(not showing faces here, I think this punishment is insane!)
But as usual, I was trying to picture the worst... what if the man is holding this : 

And he has to stand NAKED all afternoon in said park. This is quite a lesson don't you think?



Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sulking may look ridiculous

Young adults naked in front of women somehow look harmless and regressed to child status, this is the feeling I wanted to capture in these pictures.
1) Sulking in these conditions may look pretty ridiculous.
2) Because one of my fans suggested so, I did something in the military retro genre. A compulsory military exam with cheeky nurses. 

3) And "The art teacher's inexperienced son" may remember you this one .

It's all in your mailbox now, check it

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Medical part 16 ( CFNM again )

 " My nephew will be MUCH more cooperative from now. "

Technically not a high quality picture like some others in the past, but you'll appreciate the extra work on the expression of the unfortunate young man : ) 
Someone is having a very bad day !

I'm quite proud of the 2 others humiliation / medical pictures, you'll let me know. That's the reward in your mailbox dear VIPs !!



Sunday, March 27, 2016

" Declassified archives "- Medical part 15 ( CFNM )

 Nothing matches the stern look of these retro nurses, don't you think? : )

Dear VIPs, the 2 bonus pictures will be in your mailbox in a few minutes.



Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Public discipline

This picture is very cruel, yet beautiful isn't it ?
I've always found female gymnasts intimidating and pretty. This picture was probably my worst nightmare at that time, but now that we are older... we know we can't draw a clear line between pleasure and pain...

The people who have supported my work in the past will also get that other beautiful picture hidden below :
(hey, don't you want more than 130 private pics? So please click on the top right corner of this page, thank you!!)


Saturday, February 6, 2016

CFNM humiliation at beach , again...

So much for the medical update I was planning to do ! : )
In this wet and windy February (where I live anyway), I'm hoping the sun AND the shame of these very unfortunate males will warm you up a bit : ) 
As usual, you VIPs will get the whole thing.



Tuesday, January 26, 2016

When a fair Governess could solve many issues in the house

The good old times... I'm currently working on a new set of public and private medical / cfnm pictures, but I thought you may enjoy this little treat inbetween. Who is ready to go back in time and live the routine of this boy in the mansion ? 



Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Public humiliation in the 1970s ( + CFNM at beach )

Who knows, maybe it's the music I've been listening lately ( Mamas and Papas, Pink Floyd, Tame Impala) that inspired me to do something in the 1970s. However the shame of the nineteen years boy regressed to child status... it's timeless. 

Another source of inspiration was this classic piece by Barb O'Toole. (by the way if you want to purchase her new private sets, you'll find instructions here for example, sorry if it sounds tacky, but her work is the best for me : )

For the VIPs, you'll find in your mailbox a pretty new piece for your growing collection ! The Rebel at beach
 " Episode  IV : The Rebel's pretext to have forgotten his swim brief at home was a failure.
His mother would not let him take the bus to join his friends watching soccer, fair lesson.
No X-Wing in sight to take him lightyears away as he so wished. The plan was now both
simple and very complicated :
firstly, pretending not to care if there are some familiar faces
among all the people giggling around. And secondly, enduring every second one after the other, as each one brings him closer to the end of this dreadful afternoon. "